A Model Church for the Whole World

A Model Church for the Whole World

Setting captives free requires one not to bow down to the image of the beast. Doing so causes spiritual blindness; having once been covered with all precious stones, he seduces many with his outward appearance. While inwardly they are ravenous wolves, his image is here and has been for a long time, and many have been drawn by it and killed by it. We see them doing it again.  Why couldn’t they just let America alone to send out its missionaries? Instead they seduced us with a few good stands which are only works on controversial issues? We lose sight of the actual plan and purpose. They play both sides its double-minded behavior, and no one wins. The souls lost are the fallout from not being single-minded.

We can build Churches just like this one.  I have three huge properties I set my sights on right here in New England that could house this size Church. Where I was married should be where the revival starts because that Church helped me find the greatest truth about what our enemy hid in Egypt.  They liked to hide sin, just like our enemy. Unfortunately, they are still hiding things.  But it doesn’t have to start there; however, it does need to start.  After the last two posts, I think you know why.

Last night I attended for the first time my High School reunion; it was my 45th; there will not be a 5oth. I recognized a few people, even those who were Christian, that sadly you do not discover until after you graduate.  Christian men and women in high school need to gather in a class, encourage each other, and let others know where we stand. The year I graduated 77, our class motto was “In doing, we learn.” In 2008, Jesus spoke to me, saying HE was ending it, shutting it down, emphasizing, “They learn nothing.”  In response to a family member of mine at Christmas wanting to Yankee swap my gift of a Bible on CD for a bottle of booze.

Alcoholism plagued my stepfamily. The consensus is for every alcoholic, seven people suffer. I do not want it to be 7 billion.

777 is always a number for the trinity as it adds to 21, while 77 is only fourteen.  M(1) E(2) T(3) H(4) U(5) E(6) N(7), I pronounce it METHEONE.

My only SON and I met up in Ft. Lauderdale, where his timeshare took him; he lives in California, and I am in New Hampshire.  While in Ft. Lauderdale on Palm Sunday, we attended a model community Church that just had me excited to want to see more just like it. Because I knew nothing of the Churches in the area, I sought Google, which brought me to Yelp’s top ten. My son picked it out from seven churches that I had placed on small pieces of paper folded up on a paper plate and had him choose one of the seven I was again placed in awe.

God is great!

The similarities between the Church his mother and I married in and the one he picked out to attend was uncanny. The difference is one hid the sin the other did not. That is why this one is bigger than the other. 20,ooo parishioners belong to it, and it holds two services. The one that did hide sin played a significant role in putting my wife and me asunder, whom God had joined together it is HIS plan.

However, what the devil meant for evil, God meant for good. God used my love for my wife and son to help me find the sin hidden in Egypt by our enemy.   Before I was married, I promised God never to marry again if anything happened to her. I would then study his word and seek the answers because they had to be all there.  My heart’s desire was to have a family, never to be a god. For twenty-plus years, I kept repeating that we could have reconciled and worked out our issues if the Church hadn’t hidden sin. That thought went through my head when I was defending God’s word against a group who did the video Zeitgeist who brought me into Egypt to defend God’s honor; that’s when I saw it. So here we are, and it must be!

Do you need more than just lifting up Jesus? Who wants to be the first to tell Father HIS SON’s honor is not worth the world? Certainly not I. It seems to be pretty much every church I have been to just doesn’t get it.

A little leaven leavens the whole lump. What I found in Egypt will do nicely?

HIS SON’S EFFIGY was made in the presence of angels before the creation of man. HIS honor was trampled on by those who wanted power, HIS power. That same thing is happening in the Church today; HIS honor is becoming less important than the spiritual power they seek. Below I will reveal what every student of the word of God has overlooked concerning the Bible translations.

The message I heard in Ft. Lauderdale was spot on for the day, EXODUS 15:1 Moses Song.

15 = 555 and comes before 18 =666

On Sunday, they have two services.  My son and I attended the first service. Below is a tour of what was the hand of God for me. You can hear my enthusiasm amazed at his greatness. Thank you, LORD, for showing me the Model.

I won’t get legalistic here on the translation. However, it should be noted that the NLT in the above video graphic, “So if the SON sets you free, you are truly Free.”  was published in 1996 by Tyndale; it was a rework of Ken Taylors Living Bible Published in 1971, the same year the NASB came out.

The Living New Translation on audio cassette tape was a gift given to me by my Christian wife on our first Christmas in 1983, and pregnant with my son, which was all the gift I needed. I was not as excited about the LNT as she was, and until I got my call in 2009, I did not understand why it upset me and why I wasn’t happier over the gift. I love the word of God; I indeed do; I love HIS laws and HIS commandments; I see the need for them. Looking back, I could have been more graceful about it.

Gibbs rule 39, there are no coincidences. 3 x 9 = 27,  39 OTB 27 NTB for a total of 66 books, and Romans is the 6th book of the New Testament.  Is that a coincidence in this book?

Both works, NASB, published by the Lockman Foundation, and the Living New Testament by Tyndale, were published in the same year. Both hide the words replenish God commanded Adam and Eve and Noah to do on the earth. They also remove respect, a seven-letter word where God first had it for Abel and his offering. It also hides a clear picture of who God’s enemies are, as King David wrote in Psalm 56:1-2. Take note that David is one man who could feed a Philistine camp for only one sitting as long as they did not fill up on bread and drink first.

King David was King because he was a man after God’s own heart as a child but not as bold as to claim he had God’s heart; only a fool would do that. I believe that denying any part of the value of Jesus is siding with the forces of darkness. Its chief leader Lucifer was created to reveal God’s SON’s value with every precious stone placed on him. Now that we are becoming the living stones, we must declare God’s Son’s value. This is what will unite the Church, knowing HIS VALUE!

Looking closely at the gem HE has made. Inspecting the commandments in HIS living stones.

These missing items in the Bible reveal the devil is behind the rewrites and not God. Why is it do Pentecostals not see it or even care?  They claim they are more endowed with gifts, even more than myself. Asking me to perform what they cannot. Do they want me to be like them and not care about the word so much?

Signs and wonders follow the word to confirm it.

God said HE would complete the work HE began in us (not make any of us gods). Jesus forgave the worst sinner, even those who beat HIM, and I have what I have because I thought Obama was the antichrist and was willing to forgive and wrap my arms around him and thank him for coming; it says, our Jesus is next.

I must be lacking emotional faith rather than a firm foundation of faith believing God can win it all.

I heard that their level of spiritual growth makes it hard for them to be deceived. Let’s hope so; God is counting on them to win the world to Jesus.

Tell you what, I’ll stand against the dragon of China,  and the rest of you can stand against the dragon that helped China get America. They are not hard to find at the top of the hill.  We need to stir the waters as the scum has risen to the top and will wind up in the fires and gallows they intended for Protestants.

These missing parts of scripture are significant. It means darkness caused impurities enough to kill many and keep them blind to the whole truth. Why else do it? God did not authorize any of the new translations. The proof is in the judgment that comes on America right after publication.

If HE has changed HIS word, HE is not the same as one who claims HE keeps HIS word or can protect it.  Everything in that book, including the number structures, is to get you to HIS SON to save you. One should take the time to see the overall steps King James scribes took to keep the Catholic Church from influencing the translation in Protestant England (the older).

King James placed Guards at the doors of the scribes, word count, and recounts. Any word out of place or improperly written, the recorder was to destroy it by eating the parchment.   In doing so, it made them more careful. The italicized words in King James are words that do not have any equivalence in the Hebrew, Aramaic, or Greek text. By adding these words, the translators’ goal was to make the meaning of the sentence clearer and produce a more readable translation that reads smoothly yet is faithful to the original. However, they set them in italics to ensure that the readers understood that these words were not in the manuscripts. Today’s translations don’t address the changes in the manuscripts as King James scribes did. They feared God. They knew HE spoke the words they were re-writing. It had to be accurate. They knew the priesthood was keeping it from the lost for control.

These people feared God and cared about truth, unlike the people in 1971, whom the enemy used to hide valuable information.  I can see one or two translations, but every one the exact three words????

This is where Joseph Smith failed in his translation of the book of Mormon; it was his Koran only because Islam couldn’t get to America quick enough, and a revival had broken out. The devil needed to put the brakes on it. The golden plates were said to predate the age of King James. We find word for word in the translation of these ancient hieroglyphic plates, including the italicized words, proving he plagiarized the KJV and added truth to his lie.

It only takes a little poison to kill or create doubt in God being able to keep it together.

If you study the story of how he did the translations, the gold plates that made up their book had to weigh 200 hundred to 400 pounds at least. No one helped him, and no one saw them. He looked into a hat to translate the text, claiming he needed the Urim and Thummim to look through???  This was a tragic comedy that people took for God’s truth.  The easy way to witness to a Mormon is to ask them why, after Jesus is sacrificed that we need a restored Aaronic priesthood? They boast they have restored it? Why would you need to??? Doesn’t that deny the finished work of Jesus on the cross as the last sacrifice? Isn’t that the road to hell? The antichrist denies Jesus came in the flesh and is the son of God, bringing back sacrifice mock or otherwise does just that. God allowed the nation of Israel to be scattered because HE no longer needed it until the time of the antichrist.

Why hide or remove these words respect, replenish, and my enemies daily swallow me up? I could cover so many more, but what are the odds of these three in NASB and Living New Testament translations, both published in 1971? The following year America’s Watergate scandal and the opening of trade with communist China in 1972 are poised to take America into the next financial collapse. We can see China is a dragon ready to devour America compliments of Rome and those who lost sight of the importance of the word of God. I came to fight a dragon, not bow to the image of the beast.

What are the odds again, the exact words changed or found missing AGAIN in the ESV (2001) result afterward 9/11?

NIV(1978) Worldwide Unemployment rises after several decades of near full employment, and the dollar plummets in value against European economies.

NKJV (1982-1983) All-time record low temperatures in dozens of cities throughout the Midwestern United States, forcing more oil consumption. 1983 China’s Population reached 1 billion. Unemployment Rises in the US to 12 million, the highest figure since 1941; the world population reaches 4.7 billion.

Changing God’s word is scandalous and comes with a warning in Revelation that the plagues shall befall those who tamper with HIS word. How’s that New American Standard looking now?

Yet when I came to an AG pastor and handed him 30 crop circles in the KJV to offer hope because Ezekiel 33 and the instrument to do the judgment are the same. 33 I forgot to mention are twins like Gemini, a star sign assigned to Benjamin.

He voiced the following Sunday, “Some people think the King James Version is the only version of the Bible.” So we hide the crop circles and offer no hope because of the version I used? Hope of Christ’s imminent return or allow them to investigate the word for themselves and find the truth.

First, I give you the most hated Catholic translation that won many souls into the kingdom over 400 years Psalm 56:1-2 KJV; now, their approved translations are Psalm 56:1-2 NASB, Psalm 56:1-2 ESV, Psalm 56:1-2 NIV. Psalm 56:1-2 NKJV. Now, why would they do that? The same goes for replenishing. It is also missing.  Proof he was here before man with his fallen angels and that they built the effigy of Jesus in Egypt.

The image below highlights Psalm 56:1-2; I believe God is telling us something? He is leaving behind and who it is behind it, his enemies who swallow him up.

hosts of heaven sending Satan into the pit.
There are Seven arms with eight WHOLE angels at each attacking the symbol for Satan, throwing him into the bottomless pit. He is protected by the clergy, who claims this Church can pull Jesus out of heaven and put him in a wafer.

Part of my vow to God was to defend his word, and so many wish that I do not. It seems to the many that the word is unimportant, yet it is the only thing that will not pass away. HIS word shall endure forever.

David would be devoured in one sitting if swallowed and eaten by the Philistines or Sauls soldiers. No, we are talking about a priesthood performing false signs and wonders and trying to convince the ignorant they have these powers and that they are receiving the body of Christ?!?

Name me ten things that Jesus commanded HIS disciples to do that the Catholic church does? Let me give you the first three that HE gave Peter after being raised from the dead; you will only need to come up with seven. Peter is who they claim was the first pope(that is a lie).

John 21:15-17 KJV
(15)  So when they had dined, Jesus saith to Simon Peter, Simon, son of Jonas, lovest thou me more than these? He saith unto him, Yea, Lord; thou knowest that I love thee. He saith unto him, Feed my lambs. (The food is the word of God.)
(16)  He saith to him again the second time, Simon, son of Jonas, lovest thou me? He saith unto him, Yea, Lord; thou knowest that I love thee. He saith unto him, Feed my sheep.
(17)  He saith unto him the third time, Simon, son of Jonas, lovest thou me? Peter was grieved because he said unto him the third time, Lovest thou me? And he said unto him, Lord, thou knowest all things; thou knowest that I love thee. Jesus saith unto him, Feed my sheep.

Happy Hunting.

How many HOLY FATHERS are there in the universe? If two here on earth claim that title which one is a lie?

Here is how you indeed can receive Christ. https://peacewithgod.net