American Mercy

American Mercy

We ended WWII by revealing to the world the power of the United States of America by dropping two nuclear devices on two cities, wiping out 105,000 souls in an instant. Before doing so, we dropped leaflets in both cities, warning them what was headed their way. What no gospel tracts??? It was America, after all, a Christian Nation. We could at least have given them some hope of an afterlife.

The angels and I are doing it before we unleash the full extent of our power.

The image you see is found in fallout shelters everywhere; it is the universal sign for radiation which burns the flesh right off the bone of a man or a woman; children are just as susceptible to it.

The plague in Zecharia eludes to this kind of weapon.

Zechariah 5:1-4 KJV

(1) Then I turned, and lifted up mine eyes, and looked, and behold a flying roll.

(2) And he said unto me, What seest thou? And I answered, I see a flying roll; the length thereof is twenty cubits, and the breadth thereof ten cubits.

3) Then said he unto me, This is the curse that goeth forth over the face of the whole earth: for every one that stealeth shall be cut off as on this side according to it; and every one that sweareth shall be cut off as on that side according to it.

(4) I will bring it forth, saith the LORD of hosts, and it shall enter into the house of the thief, and into the house of him that sweareth falsely by my name: and it shall remain in the midst of his house, and shall consume it with the timber thereof and the stones thereof.

This nuclear symbol has MERCY written all over it; we have 6 Triangles. The sixth commandment is thou shall not kill. God has to judge the wicked, for they would upset the peace and sanctity of heaven. Genesis 6 is the story of Noah. This is no coincidence.

There are three sets of 8 raised lines for 888, the trinity in unity and agreement for the new creation. However, the old one has to be wiped out. 3 x 8 = 24; how many elders surround his throne? We are confident Christ will establish HIS kingdom here on the earth for 1000 years before the new heavens and earth are made.

Psalm 8:1-9 talks of God’s hand in the creation of the heavens, moon, and stars; they are HIS to do with as HE pleases.

Psalm 8:6 they are under his feet, and he is going to place Jesus feet where the Father has HIS, Psalm 110:1.

Sadly, I have a teacher who tells us in Bible study that we will all sit at the right hand of Jesus??? Coming in between Father and SON again splitting them a second time in two, because once was not enough. I used Psalm 110:1. Still, I cannot convince him of that impossibility. Jesus told us in two gospels that have two perspectives, but the answer remained the same, and I stand with what Christ says it is for HIS FATHER (GOD) to decide who sits at his right and who sits at his left. So I conclude the spirit in this man wants to be God?

Can you imagine 7 billion or more seats in heaven to the right of Jesus? Where are you sitting? I see this light in the distance. Is that him? Look, buddy, I’m sitting right next to you; I can see just as much as you can be glad you are here; sit down and be at peace. The other thought I had it’s a Ferris wheel, and as you pass by him, you smile and wait another two hundred more years for your turn again. As you turn to the chair behind you and say with a great grin, did you see him, awwwesome?

Yes, it may seem foolish to you that I bring up this point, so what’s the point? I asked God when I became a truck driver to sit in the driver’s seat and let me sit on HIS lap and steer. One day HE says to me how HE likes me asking HIM and that one day HE wants to steer. The heavens HIS throne the earth HIS footstool I chose to sit in the Father’s lap, and there is plenty of room for everyone, deal with it, Earnest!

The word of truth has no significance to someone educated by darkness; this idea that provokes me to anger is going to stir a revival or get me to build his temple is absurd. You are not even to fellowship with an angry man. If I was to be the burning man, what does that say about those who embraced the Apostasy?

888 Psalm 24:1-10 tells us God is coming and who shall stand in his presence.

Looking closely at Psalm 24:6, because of the six triangles that make up the symbol, we need to know we are that generation.

We are taking children eight years old and under. Their will is still pliable, and to such as these belong the kingdom of heaven, and the harvest fields are ripe with them. The parents we are hoping will want to be with them and refuse to take the mark, which I hear is becoming a Covid necessity to allow you into facilities.

He calls the nation of Israel to come up into HIS chambers until the indignation on the earth has passed; this one does not point to the number 26, but I knew where it was, so I placed it to bless Israel, not for those who will not bless Israel the Apostasy calling themselves Christians who gave America to Rome.

Isaiah 26:19-21 KJV
(19) Thy dead men shall live, together with my dead body shall they arise. Awake and sing, ye that dwell in dust: for thy dew is as the dew of herbs, and the earth shall cast out the dead.
(20) Come, my people, enter thou into thy chambers, and shut thy doors about thee: hide thyself as it were for a little moment, until the indignation be overpast.
(21) For, behold, the LORD cometh out of his place to punish the inhabitants of the earth for their iniquity: the earth also shall disclose her blood, and shall no more cover her slain.

The need for the Priesthood ended at the cross, so it would be falsely using his name to bring it back. He spared HIS Jewish people by not allowing them to bring it back until the end of the age, and why do you think that is? It is to deny that he came the first time. It would be like sacrificing him daily and for what purpose than to deny HIS power and finished work. The temple is the final sign of the imminent return of Jesus, but HE promised Lucifer that he could sit in it and reign as God for seven years. If he could stop fighting me with his apostates, I would help him.

A flying roll and it is clearly marked with our crop circle design.

Men were to share the good news, not hide the word and make a false religion out of it. They stole the keys from Peter and locked the gates of heaven by controlling the word. By doing so, they opened the gates of hell, and retribution is due for the true saints and martyrs of scripture Revelation 6:10.

Sure you made Jesus your savior, and you will never lose that salvation because HE keeps HIS promises you die, you go to heaven free of sin. As for lift-off, this rock before China takes over may not be in the cards for many who claim Christ because HE came for the Jewish people first, and Apostasy has made Nazi-like Germany (Covid Papers or Rfid Implant). Because they fear Rome more than God.

I have a man in my life who is not a close friend. I call him the Ninja Warrior who loves God he is full of the spirit I love him but for one thing, he oddly has a pastor who teaches counter-reformation Catholic material; I guess it must be OK then if he stands in support of him. He told me one day that he was told by the Spirit of God he would see his children’s children. If he keeps taking that microphone away from me, yes, he will, because the first rapture is not for him, he has no respect for the word or his elders, pray about that when you stand with Jesuit teachings counter-reformation you love him but can’t seem to bring yourself to love me? He would be a much better servant in the tribulation; those Ninja skills will come in handy fighting our Chinese oppressors taking over America when it will be too late to see the value in Jesus then. Sorry, I am not Wigglesworth or Benny Hinn. I guess God doesn’t love me the way I am, so I need to be more like someone else. Would that be you, Sensei ???

I’m not Jesus, but how am I not like Jesus? I came to defend the word and lift up HIS Father and HIM, not Mary, not Apostasy.

Think of the business cards as the last warning to the wicked among you, as the leaflets we as American’s so humanely dropped on both cities the angels and God are more humane than man, God is merciful.

I placed the first leaflet named the LeMay leaflet here because of that first sentence that I want to use.

Read this carefully as it may save your life or the life of a relative or friend. In the next few days, some or all of the cities named on the reverse side will be destroyed by American bombs. These cities contain military installations and workshops or factories which produce military goods. We are determined to destroy all of the tools of the military clique which they are using to prolong this useless war. But, unfortunately, bombs have no eyes. So, in accordance with America’s humanitarian policies, the American Air Force, which does not wish to injure innocent people, now gives you warning to evacuate the cities named and save your lives. America is not fighting the Japanese people but is fighting the military clique which has enslaved the Japanese people. The peace which America will bring will free the people from the oppression of the military clique and mean the emergence of a new and better Japan. You can restore peace by demanding new and good leaders who will end the war. We cannot promise that only these cities will be among those attacked but some or all of them will be, so heed this warning and evacuate these cities immediately.


To China, please remember who America was before the Catholics stole your gold and blamed us for it. The CIA is theirs it’s not a friendly American Institution it is hostile to our country and why they will not be joining us in heaven, there is however still time to repent!

Come clean spill the beans Jesus is coming!

In 1979, four years after Chiang Kai-shek died, the United States broke off diplomatic relations with Taiwan and established full relations with the People’s Republic of China.

China does not tolerate political dissent or anyone who questions its right to rule.

Biden and Pelosi are possessed by the demons of Rome to give America to them.

Follow the timeline November 22,  1963

I was born in 1959 when the book by Ian Flemming came out “Gold Finger” it was also five years after Mary was made an equal redeemer to God/Jesus.

In 1964 they made it into a movie a year after the President of the U.S. Irish Catholic Kennedy was assassinated on November 22. 1963. Killing their own is not a problem, so you are getting into heaven with brother Tolkien teaching that counter-reformation doctrine that clearly is not from the devil? This is only to reveal the angel’s involvement in helping to save us all. 007’s Aston Martin DB5 car also was introduced, and it was held in the transportation museum in England that bears my last name; the key is transportation and 007. It was, of course, a facsimile of the original. I graduated High School class of 77 with the class motto being “In doing we learn.” There’s my three 777’s, a seal of approval with a license to kill incorporated within.

I am surprised that more of the clergy did not see this power we had developed here in America as a lure to attract evil in taking it. The souls he got on that day, 150,000, brought such joy to him he just had to have it for his Church. I’m a truck driver living in a two-bedroom apartment, a flat for you English folks who never dropped such a weapon; then again, what do I know? I never went to seminary to learn how to compromise the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Bible teaches us that whatever a man sows that shall he also reap, I would think the same goes for persecutors of the saints of God and those who split churches in two by sending in their counter-reformation material to seduce the sheep of HIS pasture to follow them and accept their Christ as an equal to our own. The elect cannot be deceived; their Christ loves idolatry and anything that can keep those Jewish people from ever knowing HIM.

I can be at peace with all men when all men are at peace with God, and China is not at peace with God. Nor do they believe in HIM.

Am I God’s greatest threat that his Church fears me, so, in order to crush my head and keep the gates of hell from taking his Church, he placed me in this position? Just last week, “his” Church wanted to hear the lines to the Hail Mary as I sat in a study in the AG church right up the street from me.

I did not do it correctly, but the Jesuit-taught teacher did not try and correct me. It would have given him away further; another Reverend sat in the class as well and said nothing, if it is to be done properly, four more would have to follow it, along with three our Fathers. So the angels watching know I did not do it properly, but we can tell who is staying behind the teacher who called me the dirtbag who made it seem as if the words were Biblical, which they are not; they are made up by a priesthood that should not exist whose only purpose was to build Satan’s new world order and to provoke God to anger to bring about the earth’s destruction.

Next time a priest gives you penance, ask if it is alright to do seven our Fathers and one hail Mary just for the thrill of it and see what his answer will be? What you are trying to do put me out of a job, you work hard to keep me here and lie to you that I know God. Can’t you see I know HIM, I pull HIM out of heaven every day and mock sacrifice HIM.  Like he has never came and can we keep the Jewish people from knowing HIM!

He and others like him are very much a part of the Apostasy encouraging the name of Jesus to be used falsely.

Zechariah 5:4 I will bring it forth, saith the LORD of hosts, and it shall enter into the house of the thief, and into the house of him that sweareth falsely by my name: and it shall remain in the midst of his house, and shall consume it with the timber thereof and the stones thereof.

Now they need a peace plan and want me to bow to the one with all the precious stones, which to me appears as the image of the beast who in heaven had all those precious stones. That would only incur the wrath of God if I was to do so. Where are the non-apostate Church’s?

Call now the phones are open like 1 877 Kars 4 Kids get in touch through SOULWINNINGCARDS.COM what a great sound thank you, Jesus.

Oh my, is this that Kobayashi Maru thing??? Which is a training exercise in the fictional Star Trek universe designed to test the character of Starfleet Academy cadets in a no-win scenario.

Pheew, what am I worried about Jesus already won! Now I only need to do the work prepared for me before I was born. Which is clearly not following the one with all the stones that God allowed him to dress up with again or following the ones who have. While Father watched others protect and defend him while letting this trucker burn??? Let’s again look at Psalm 23:5. Love your enemies and do good to those who do you wrong. To be like Jesus, I had to say of Obama with certainty that he was the antichrist, “I hope it is. I want to shake his hand, wrap my arms around him, and thank him for coming; my Jesus is next.”

Come on, people, SOULWINNINGCARDS.COM is the next big Dot COM. My last name means beautiful place. I work in the transportation industry. My initials five in all spell Babel. Does that confuse you? You are going to force me to pretend to have superpowers that I don’t have. Now you confuse me. If you cannot discern the truth whom you sided with, then how can all those gifts be from God? One of these things is not like the other.

My adoption into a Catholic family had taught me well. Thank God some evil heretics where I worked in 1982 invited me to a Bible study where I became possessed by JOY and LOVE and found Mercy and Grace among them; Jesus had come into my heart because I opened it to HIM. I left my vomit behind and never looked back except for one stronghold.

I would be lying if I did not tell you that I never struggled after that. I did. I struggled with the old man and old nature, and pornography was my poison. I could have made porn sites with my gift, only that was not in the cards for me (pun intended). Because I witnessed in film festivals wanting to win others to Jesus, he gave me something else to do on the internet. Open HIS word to the ones it was hidden from by the big bad Church of Rome and the clergy that defended them in hiding it.

When he gave me the rest of my mantle in 2009 when I saw his effigy in Egypt,  He sealed me with his word that I never want to sin again, he completed the work he wanted in me to love my enemies and do good to those who do me wrong.  I tolerate the bad music in the world knowing that soon I will no longer have to ever hear it and in hell, they don’t have any instruments,  while in heaven we got it all and it is the music of serenity and peace the saying silence is golden,  we have that too.

Changing the word of God was the worst mistake EVAH! Especially when one translation highlighted his enemies and the other hid them and blinded the Shepherds, making them co-conspirators with the wolves. Don’t like America. Then you should have just left! The one translation that offends us the most is that NASB I like the old American values. I am not big on this New American Standard; some people are watchmen while others don’t see it at all because of the seduction of the devil and his demons. Odd how the NASB made its debut during Watergate, and the Nixon Administration opened up its doors to trade with China. The judgment of God unfolding against the Apostasy in America just as it happened in Germany; instead of the Reichstag fire, we had the towers. That began to bring in their Stasi-like control.

It was also a judgment against the Assassination of a decent man, whose very words could have just as easily been, Ask not what God can do for you but ask what you can do for God, which should be shining the light and opening the word and setting souls free by coming out of her.

Read this carefully as it may save your life or the eternal life of a relative or friend.

The sheep can no longer discern who their enemies are, who are the wolves from who is a good shepherd and one that you can trust. I have ministers telling me to look for Mason’s. Are you kidding me? Don’t you know they serve Satan? Some people think the KING JAMES Version of the Bible is the only Version, the words of the first pastor I gave the crop circles to. No, it’s not, but why make a big stink over it? Then shouting do you know who I am? He had to be 60 or more years old at the time and did not know who he was. Apostasy stands with the enemy, he didn’t even know me or what was going on, but he showed me the love of Jesus. His 40 years in the ministry made him just like Christ; as his perceived enemy, he hugged me and loved on me there was no need for me to show up at all.

I may only be here to help you see the devil more clearly in yourselves. Go on, wrap your arms around me, thank me for coming; your Jesus is next! Why are words like “replenish” gone in the NASB? They were only in two places in the Bible and both in Genesis the beginning? Why must those words have been removed? Then Psalm 56:1-2 NASB hides the enemies of God, and of Israel, and of David, David, by the way, can only be cannibalized once in case you missed that. Not like in the Mass where Jesus is eaten daily thousands and hundreds of thousands a times a day all over the world.

I am willing to guarantee that the old rugged cross, like the old rugged King James, has another revival within it that the devil and his NASB and NASA want to keep from us. My enemies are many, and that is why I stand on Psalm 23:5. Now the ministers of righteousness in the Church are there to control the burn by protecting the Church of Rome; only China will do to the Papal system that they did to the Emporer Puyi.

The puritans escaped the persecution of England as it was becoming more ecumenical; rather than defending the gospel, they were being seduced to say hail Mary’s?!? They say in the Mayflower Compact, if you can even find a copy of it?!? (It’s like looking for the bones of Giants that the Smithsonian hides away to thwart God with their evolutionary ideas). The puritans did not want the mass or the eucharist to come to our shores and warned us of it.


Once a friend of God, he was cast out of heaven onto the earth where he began his new world order. Note the bones above, which seem thin and frail for such a large frame, but if gravity was less at the time of the dinosaurs, you wouldn’t need a heavy frame. This is the crop circle image of the spirit of Satan. Note also the flames he swims in..

Then there is the tragedy of replacing respect with the word regard in the first place we find it, which tells me something about one’s feelings towards the word of God itself, again its Genesis. Cain may now understand the need for the sacrifice and HIS importance, but he does not understand the SON’s value or the words contained in HIM, and HE is the living word.

Looking for true peace? Whatever you’re going through, God knows—and cares. Find real hope today.