What Love Is This?: Calvinism’s Misrepresentation of God

Berean Call is pleased to announce the publication of Dave Hunt's crucial critique of Calvinism—now in paperback! This fourth edition has a couple of noteworthy differences and advantages from the third hardcover edition. First of all, this important resource is now able to be distributed to Christian inmates (hardcover books are not permitted in prison). Second, in order to make the book more portable and affordable, chapters 30 and 31 (which presented the fictional but true-to-life account of "Al" and "Jan") have been extracted. The material from these two chapters is contained in a separate book: A Calvinist's Honest Doubts. Lastly, documentation and formatting have been fine-tuned to improve accuracy and readability. We trust that even more readers will be blessed by the availability and increased "share-ability" of this important work. Discussions with many people around the world reveal that multitudes of sincere, Bible-believing Christians are "Calvinists" only by default. It takes only a few simple questions to discover the fact that most of those who regard themselves as Calvinists are largely unaware of what John Calvin and his early followers of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries actually believed and practice. Nor do they fully understand what most of today's leading Calvinists believe. What Love Is This? exposes the true beliefs of Calvinism and addresses all the issues surrounding this doctrine.Contents: 1. Why This Book? 2. Is Biblical Understanding Reserved for an Elite? 3. John Calvin and His Institutes 4. Calvinism's Surprising Catholic Connection 5. Irresistibly Imposed "Christianity" 6. Arminius, Dort, Westminster, and Five Points 7. Total Depravity 8. The Solemn Issue: God's Character 9. The Truth about Human Depravity 10. A Distorted Sovereignty 11. Sovereignty and Free Will 12. Foreknowledge and Man's Will 13. Erasmus and Luther in Debate 14. The Bondage of the Will? 15. Unconditional Election 16. Is Salvation Available to All? 17. Foreknowledge and Predestination/Election 18. Limited Atonement 19. Abusing God's Word 20. Understanding Pivotal Scriptures 21. More Pivotal Scriptures 22. Irresistible Grace 23. The Calvinist's Irresolvable Problem 24. When Grace Isn't Grace 25. Grace and Human Responsibility 26. Calvinism's Errors Are Serious 27. Persuasion, the Gospel, and God 28. When Is "Love" Not Love? 29. Perseverance of the Saints