Child Abuse and Neglect is a Reproach to any Nation and the Cause for Judgement.

Child Abuse and Neglect is a Reproach to any Nation and the Cause for Judgement.

Recently after discovering and bringing to light mass graves of Children found at residential schools throughout Canada where the Catholic Church operated, Pope Francis brought his apology.

Where is the apology from the Royal who allowed it? Canada was under a Protestant Monarchy.

It was a trade of one savagery for another. The hiding and misinterpretation of scripture are what the Pope and his Church should be truly asking forgiveness for.

Without the word of God in the hands of the people educating them is fruitless. The priesthood does this, and they have chosen their HOLY FATHER because they do not know the HOLY FATHER Jesus came to lift up.

I am pro-life, adopted, and also a victim of abuse. Caring for the unborn is admirable; what about the living ones who made it out? What are you doing for them?

In 1972, Watergate took place, and Henry Kissinger opened trade with China, the beginning of judgment’s worst move this country ever made. It was the beginning of job loss and the end of the mom-and-pop shops as Walmart would take advantage of low prices so you could save for your children’s future?????

What about the Chinese children’s future?

Dinosaurs protected their young and territories better than we do.

Let me express my sorrow to those who underwent the trauma imposed on them by what they believed was the Church and also to those who experienced  “Kool Smiles,” a nightmare and torture for many Children because profit was being made by doing unnecessary procedures on children subsidized by the government’s health care system not cool at all. Again the Church failed, always choosing the lesser of two evils, finally brought us here.

A great man and patriot who gave us a dictionary declared that without the Bible, education is fruitless.

Education is useless without the Bible. The Bible was America’s basic text book in all fields. God’s Word, contained in the Bible, has furnished all necessary rules to direct our conduct. ~ Noah Webster

The Atheist Stephen Hawking wasted his life away trying to solve the great mysteries of creation when the answer was in the first line of scripture.  He died the same day Albert Einstein, another noted scientist, celebrated his birthday, Pi day 3.14, and God gets the last word; Dr. Hawking made the divine times list; he is the inspiration for me discovering there was such a list.  God kept revealing the truth to me because HE does not desire anyone to perish.

Daniel 8:12

When our conduct is unbecoming to God, Judgement must come. Sin cannot enter into heaven; it was removed at the fall and is never to return.

These dentists were taught not to believe in God, and those who never read the Bible scoff at it.

Outwardly they (priests) appear as holy but inwardly are ravenous wolves denying the LORD who bought them.

They have an unwavering stand to protect themselves; they must lie and teach others to do it, which brings up the whole ecumenical council behind bringing their judgment against themselves.

Those who choose antisemitic behavior or support it are the true antichrists, and there are many as he transforms his ministers into ministers of righteousness.

Where is the JUSTICE when the Church stands to embrace their killers and go silently to the slaughter they conjured up by hiding the truth and deceiving the lost to believe they aren’t?

Human trafficking, especially with Children, has been going on since a particular Church declared itself the spokesperson for God.

They do not honor God or HIS word or care about souls unless it is serving the devil and stealing souls.

The devil’s subtlety is to name colleges after communities and teach heresy within their seminaries to defend themselves while using the name of Jesus.

Here are three Whistleblowers and witnesses in the Church, besides the crop circles and me. The last two links are my affiliate links to Amazon.

Richard M. Bennett, former Catholic Priest.

Alberto Rivera Former Jesuit Priest.

Charles Chiniquy

Learn how he led almost his entire Catholic congregation to trust in Christ alone. See how his desire to please his Saviour caused conflicts with his Catholic superiors. Learn how the Jesuits framed him and how a young lawyer named Abraham Lincoln saved his reputation.

Jesus wants us to fish from the other side of the boat.

Go here to get right with God.