Do this, Do that , Do the other thing.

Do this, Do that , Do the other thing.

We’re not listening until you can prove you carry the most high in you!

These are the half holy ones. The work of God has not completed them because free will is the issue with them as well as it is here with us we see them asking HIS covering to do what he was not equipped to do. The younger ones keep snatching the microphone from him and would rather see magic tricks than hear the word. The visuals were not helping them either.

They were asking for someone else to be God, God likes being God, and HE is not giving up that position ever.

Thank God life without God would be Hell, wouldn’t it?

The image is called shaping the beast. There are ten older and younger incomplete angels. We are to honor ten righteous laws given by Moses, but only Jesus could keep them all. While the adversary the half-hearted angels made tries to get us to break them all. With his 5 points, we find Psalm 15:1-5, which looks like 1515 or Psalm 30:1-12. 1515 could be 12 6+6 for Psalm 12:1-8 either way, and I do not want to be with them where they ended up.

The frustration he had undergone as he told them he was the light bearer, the covering cherub revealing the value of Jesus before Jesus ever was visible.
I don’t have sympathy but had none of this happened; we would not have met the greatest of them all, JESUS.

The creature was created much like the FATHER seen HIMSELF as magnificently beautiful, he carried the light, but he was not the light. God is spirit, and HE is everywhere the covering Cherub, a vessel to move among the congregation so that they may know the SON whom they worshiped in faith, that HE is worth all that was placed on this new kid on the block.

The wise ones understood trouble was coming, so they went back into the heart of worship; they were backslidden but knew that this meant trouble. Wise people see the mercy of God and seek to honor the will of God.

I’m okay with being just Bobby. I don’t seek to be a God or replace God the enemy wanted to be like the most high God, and Jesus came to show us what that looks like obedient to the point of death to redeem you and me. The congregation wanted something more, so they provoked him to anger. Was it the light in him that was feeling the wicked rebellion first, or did Lucifer think there was a better way with his own free will? Everyone seems to believe theirs a better way, but no, there is not a better way. God’s way is the best, and that’s because HE is God.

Does it hurt to listen and hear the words that restored us back to a relationship with God? Once someone gets filled with the spirit, it’s over mission accomplished, the word takes second place to the gifts, and many are not gifts from God. Never forget the Viziers and priests confronting Moses; they had talent.

Heaven and earth shall pass away, but the word of God endures forever.

Look at him today with him all his fallen cohorts. Hell is real but better than that; HEAVEN is free of rebellious spirits.

The image is one I have done many times, but no one seems to be too concerned that they are headed here. God has given them different forms; as we find in the book of Enoch, man’s soul remains the same. We are made lower than the angels but valued by Jesus as priceless; we are the living stones. Not like the stones he once carried and now has back on him minus that precious light. He does not set his captives free; after all, in his own mind, he is infallible. The image is with his bulbous eyes as two and twelve other circles for a total of 14 subtract the unnecessary eyes because he lives in darkness. Start at Isiah 14:12-16 because he is two-faced and a double-crosser; we can also find him in Ezekiel 28:12-19. The bonus is the angels by his stinger of death from the bottom we count up to their position we would read Psalm 34:1-22.

Get right with God. We are going home.

Looking for true peace? Whatever you’re going through, God knows—and cares. Find real hope today.