It’s Just Not Fair Father they have so much and we have so little :) Like Gideon!

It’s Just Not Fair Father they have so much and we have so little :) Like Gideon!

The map below is found on the Catholic Jesuits website. We are never getting America back again! When you give something to the devil he never gives it back unless you have something he want’s more than anything else in the world.

The only thing he can never have, God’s precious Jewish people and the land given to Abraham, Isacc, and Jacob.

Abraham’s Children will not bow to his idoaltry and the false Christ of Rome and neither will I,  he can’t have me I have been bought with a price!

Israel represents the angels who kept the law of God before and after the rebellion in heaven.

They are waiting for their messiah and need a peace plan that can allow the Temple of God to be rebuilt for him to sit in, I am not the one stompimg my feet in persuit of it. I can’t understand how people born of the spirit of God can join such a wicked group of people who have a violent history against Protestants and the Saints of God.

They built there own gallows and we can see it coming.  Check out the latest page The Future.

I do not know why I have no faith to be Benny Hinn, or walk on water, I do have faith in God keeping his promises to Israel and myself. I wil  get remarried to my wife,  I will tell the world about the greatness of God, I will give the world to the enemy right after that! Those are my three wills unlike his!

God’s Son’s honor has value!!!!!

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