Land that I love Stand Beside Her and Guide Her

Land that I love Stand Beside Her and Guide Her

America was once the pillar of the world when it came to sending missionaries to win the lost to Christ, a system that needed to be stopped from saving souls in the eyes of the wolves. America is one Nation under the True God. We know this because we inverted the devil’s pyramid-like system of control where false gods kept priests well-fed.

During WWII, we were able to end the war of wolves against the Jewish people and stop the move of Japan in the persecution of the Chinese.

America came to the rescue. We saved countless souls despite sending many to their end in dropping the bombs. A German Jewish scientist who would have been incinerated at the hands of the Germans came to America, Albert Einstein, who made it possible to build this power with his formulas. God loves the Jews, the devil hates them, so a church with idolatry would be his. Their stumbling block.

We ended the war, a word I despise often used today; the souls of Japan were sadly collateral damage. Be always aware that Children have a place in the kingdom of God.

Still, it was less than those who fell at the hands of Rome throughout the centuries, including the inquisition.

Four hundred years earlier in Japan, the Catholic Church tried to convert them, not make them Born Again but dependent on them rather than Christ alone; they had to wait for a priest to participate in communion, which a Roman priest could only do.

Had they been “Born Again” the priest would have been in them and they would not need another. People, who say Catholics love Jesus have no clue as to what is going on how can you love someone you don’t know?

In the movie “Silence,” you can see the failure to convert because they do not know Christ according to the word our Jesus loves Israel and asked Peter to feed them HIS words and teachings which would never have offended HIS Father with idols.

Their second commandment is changed to allow idolatry they break the greatest commandment not the least making them least in the kingdom if they get in at all.

We were a nation open to all faiths, a place where you were free to worship God whomever you believed God was.  For me, God is Jesus the Christ who left HIS HOLY SPIRIT in the world to finish the work of saving souls.

God is light and exposes darkness.

Benjamin was given the star sign of Gemini because of his duplicitous nature. Paul was from the tribe of Benjamin. The flag of Benjamin’s tribe was that of a wolf, a dog known to chase after sheep, and in the end, do we not need to heard them to safety?

The other reason he is given the flag of a wolf,  God’s wolf can spot another. They let out a fragrance that smells of Dragon, protector of evil men, Jesuit instruct them in the ways of espionage they serve no justice. Their church moves their pedophilic priests from one hunting ground to another. People sick and twisted that Jesus said should have millstones around their necks and dropped into the deepest sea.

That doesn’t sound loving now does it? It is to the children.

They make the light appear as darkness, but the chosen and elect know better.

The Bomb (Nuclear) should not be in the hands of a Protestant Nation and must belong to ones who show themselves only to know God (and they don’t, America proves who they are.)  Hollywood is the devil’s playground; every Christian can agree, but when it comes to revealing God or mentioning him, it’s always Catholic on the brainwashing screen.

Why is that? Does God approve of them representing HIM?

Since Obama, every VP has been a Catholic, a handler of sorts.  His forte is making the Sons of God his pet doing his bidding. The Dragon, up until Obama, did not have control of our military forces and our nuclear arsenal; now, the Dragon breathes fire, and the clergy still hasn’t a clue as to who the Dragon is.

He now breathes fire, and the King of England is supposed to be the defender of the faith; he won’t be setting anyone free like many, he has bowed to the beasts’ image unawares.

Only a King can slay a dragon.

Why would a one-world leader need a handler?  Helpers, friends, and acquaintances, maybe, but not handlers.

That’s having the blind still trying to lead.

Is it not?

Jesus would not let them do it. Now sitting at the right hand of  HIS FATHER, they now use HIM as their pet to build their one world order that began before man came! They made it using HIM to eliminate HIM; God laughs!

The devil follows me everywhere and has been hounding me since I was born.

I never met my birth parents. God doesn’t have any parents.  My stepfather was a carpenter, and HIS stepfather was a carpenter. My covering failed to protect me and became my tormentor; her name was Lucille, HIS covering failed his purpose as well, and his name was Lucifer who became our tormentor because we are made in God’s image he hates God we are not the beast.

I fell in love with one woman and have never been married to any other we had only one son together.  God chose one woman Israel to have a Son with, and HE to has no other Son except through adoption.

I was on the road trucking across the country at the time of the happening a Church I belonged to did something that stood out as a spectacle to the Christian community.  Shortly not long after their remake of Noah’s ark with animal sounds and all the twin towers fell.  God began to awaken me it’s a remake of old Bible stories I know I am Hosea this is a love story!

The gospel will be preached to the whole world, and the end shall come, and its fundamental truths are written into my life.

I didn’t need handlers; I needed helpers. Once the devil got wind of what we were doing, he began his bow-to-Rome campaign with his sold-out clergy transformed into ministers of righteousness.

The Oligarchs of Russia thought they were getting a Puppet President in Putin to serve their interest. God’s wolf does not need handlers.

Forget the word being opened and revealed supernaturally with balls of light.  Be like brother Benny or Wigglesworth; show us power they ask.  The greatest power is when a heart goes from stone to flesh, which comes from understanding the story. Truth sets one free.

So America set the German Jewish people free and ended the persecution of the Chinese by the Japanese. We designed America to set captives free.  Who is the Dragon? Well, now he breathes fire thanks to the traitors of the kingdom.

Do you know who the traitors are who gave America to the Dragon? Who let the dragon thrive? The Spirit of ODIN is bleeding through again when will we learn to destroy the myth and lie?

Six is the number of men made on the sixth day; to look upon the face of God would mean death commandment six is thou shalt not kill. Romans has six letters and is the sixth book of the new testament in a book made up of sixty-six books.

It also contains the peace plan they can never see because of whom they serve Romance.

Who is the beast? The clue he has taken America.

In heaven, when the beast was named Lucifer, he sought to take over the kingdom and place his non-God-fearing agents in power today those same agents deny Christ alone, faith alone. Wonder why the world sucks so bad?

Everywhere they place up their covens a black hole emerges that light never escapes from, and around each black hole is violence, drugs, crime, and prostitution.

They molest and destroy the lives of Children we say nothing we embrace them as equals.

Now they need a peace plan, and for many Christians, the word is not enough.

Still, it is the only peace plan man can afford, and it is free.

You want gifts the key is earnestly to seek the best gifts not from men,  but from God, the best is that you prophesy.

The Future.

I have what I have because I was first.

Brother Abel