Lucifer’s Three Biggest Lies

Lucifer’s Three Biggest Lies

First One: God has no Son!

The making of the Burning Cherub, now they want Burning Man… Be this, be that. You have the light and should be able to create and be like God?!?

Having been made the covering Cherub, which is a protector of the kingdom, everyone should know a covering is designed to protect the kingdom from harmful elements. Unfortunately, he chose to be the leader of the harmful elements.   Made to reveal to the half-hearted and doubting angels that worshipping the Son in faith has value. Because they saw no value in honoring the Son of man before man was created, many saw no purpose in it. So God made for HIS SON a coat of many precious stones, which became the light bearer.

The crop circle on the left is them shaping the enemy of God by the requests being made of him that he was unable to perform.

Rather than promoting the faithful angels to positions of power, he promised those who would follow him that he would make them gods when he became like the most high.

God will wipe it all out before that happens. But becoming the most high starts at the pyramid’s base, not the top where the Pope sits. Confused about which holy father you should trust, Greek Orthodox or Roman?

Trust in the unseen one whom Jesus came to honor and lift up. Angels: “Father, show us the Son.” Father:  “You have seen me; you have seen my Son the Son, and I are one, and to look on the face of the most high would surely mean death.”

Second: The Son cannot give him the desires of his heart.

The truth is the Son can; however, it is temporary, and it will take true Christians to make it happen. The apostates cannot make it happen; that’s why God insists we fish on the right side of the boat! Those who go after him will never see the glories of heaven. Now he brags the Son of God failed to come through with his seven years.

I’m an adopted Son; the problem comes from the third lie.

He went and collected the fancy ornaments he lost in the fall; his followers are many that deny the finished work of Christ, which technically makes them antisemites and antichrists. They believe on a Jesus,  but not the Jesus of scripture. By reason of the daily sacrifice, they deny the final sacrifice and mock the old testament priesthood.

When Jesus said it was finished, he had the enemy scatter the priesthood HE began because HE no longer needed the priesthood; it had served its purpose. We are asked to inspect the sacrifice to get to know HIM. But those ignorant of the complete victory side with the restored priesthood.

What did Jesus mean when HE said to call no man father? Whom was he talking about? I have people who call me their spiritual father whom I led to Christ. However, I do not expect strangers with whom I have had no part in their reconciliation process to call me father, even if I was ordained or otherwise. If I were ordained to be a priest, I would be sure to read the scriptures myself and see it made a comeback only when Constantine politicized Christianity.

It’s not in the five-fold ministry for a reason. Jesus began HIS to end it because HIS enemy used it to make slaves of the people and place burdens on their backs. Each served a false god and had a priesthood; what are the odds these people never met each other?

Matthew 23 sums it up nicely.

Third Lie: If the Son ever comes, I will make him my pet!

Jesus did not do what they wanted him to do or be what they expected him to be because of the prince of darkness’s statement; you know it is true. After all, I have what I have because I found the truth.

So you want to be lifted out of the dirt? What a coincidence. Jeremiah 4:28 KJV  For this shall the earth mourn, and the heavens above be black: because I have spoken it, I have purposed it, and will not repent, neither will I turn back from it. Want a world Peace plan? It’s the only one I got.

The Jewish people and not even Moses were aware that the angels in the first fall had built the large stone monuments we speculate about, and the darkness will not tell you the truth.

How big were fallen angels who took on flesh?

You don’t need a strong bone structure when there is no heavy gravity.








Like the second rebellion, the first fall took on flesh and blood, making the statement Jesus said about him true he is a liar and a murderer from the beginning.

Genesis 6:3 KJV
(3)  And the LORD said, My spirit shall not always strive with man, for that he also is flesh: yet his days shall be an hundred and twenty years.

Did we need to know that man is flesh? The ” also ” tells you the Sons of God of 6:3 took on flesh to have relations with the women. It’s a dark sentence safe to say the first wave without women who wanted to rule the heavens took on flesh as well, and those spirits don’t have any interest in women at all, like Bishops,  Archbishops, and Cardinals who want to rule the earth.

They are not doing it for the Jesus of Scripture. They are doing it for the antichrist; it’s a Bizarro world, opposites upside down inside out.

Genesis 11:9 is opposite September 9/11; Saul became Paul from the tribe of Benjamin God has another adopted son Benjamin (Abel), who can help build the tabernacle—the First Casualty of the war should be the last Casualty of the war.

The enemy started a rebellion by siding with the unbelievers, making it easy to deceive those who refused to believe. The opposite would be Abel gathering believers together to go home.

He’s no one’s pet as well, unique how when I came forward, so many wanted to ride and steer me—trying to tell me what I should do or be. Rome may own all the horses in the race but not this one. God does not like me the way I am? How is it they can remain the same? Do I need to change? Repent from revealing the truth?

I came with a peace plan. I gave too much away; now the enemy is aware but still needs a king of the hill position. So the Son of God adopted or otherwise, can give him the desires of his heart, but not as his pet. So why do Masons have those earpieces in their ears in the Church I was married in? Are you hearing from God directly? Is that HIM you are connected to? Well, you don’t need me unless you discover he is also a servant of Rome.

You only need me to complete the one world order. The image below the top that never made it on the first-ever pyramid.

Part of the 700 billion that placed Obama in the Whitehouse, John McCain played down his bid so that a Nazi Socialist healthcare could come into America. That money is in the Bank of England for the Protestant Church compliments of the Catholic Church.

They cannot make peace because they need to know the Prince of Peace doesn’t keep slapping himself in the face. He wouldn’t do for them when he was here, but now they pull him out of heaven at every transubstantiation.

Definition of insanity… doing the same thing repeatedly, expecting different results.

Numbers 24:9 KJV
(9)  He couched, he lay down as a lion, and as a great lion: who shall stir him up? Blessed is he that blesseth thee, and cursed is he that curseth thee.

The curse of your loved ones never hearing the whole story or the people you pray for.

Two structures were in Noah’s flood; no one has ever built a Pyramid quite like the one they choose to call the Khufu pyramid, still on the top seven greatest wonders list with eight sides and no top. Unfolded, it would perfectly show the four compass points (Before Abraham?) thousands of years before the Chinese invented the compass. Khufu’s only statue of him is 3 inches tall if that: no writing or hieroglyphics but plenty of water damage with crustaceans embedded in the rock. Signs it may have been in the flood of Noah!

God asked me to tell the Church HE is on HIS way, and that was fourteen years ago. To prove I cared for the lost and wanted people to know Jesus, he gave me the answers to the handwriting in the fields of England; yes, they are pictures. Each picture whose reed is not broken is worth a thousand words; they reveal his love towards us. Young children and newborns learn with pictures, and those who think they understand it don’t understand as much as they claim.

Who in two-thousand years professed to be Abel? I did not come in HIS name as many would. I do not point to a box on an altar claiming that HE is there.   I came to proclaim Jesus is God. Blessed are they that have not seen and believed.

In real life, I was adopted and did not know my biological parents, and the creator doesn’t know who HIS were either because HE always has been without beginning or end. My stepfather was a Carpenter; HIS stepfather was a Carpenter; my covering (stepmother) was Lucille, and HIS covering was Lucifer; they were much alike. Father God only had one woman, Israel, who gave us HIS only begotten SON born of a virgin. I only have one Son and have only been married only to one woman for 3.5 years, then (divorced) who, like Israel, does not listen well and misses the message.

The difference is neither of us was a virgin. Love is a powerful thing. Every man marries the most beautiful woman in the world. I was no different. She became my Gomer.

She was meant to become a Queen; unfortunately, no one in the body saw the value in Christ as I had. I will burn in hell with so many others forever because no one cared for my soul. I cared for others and their loved ones by opening up the word. I didn’t hide my talent.

They wanted me to bow to Rome, which could not be more the image of the beast if they tried. Rome placed their people in power and had been before Jesus even came. Funneling the wealth to the holy Emperor. Who is wearing new clothes; no one but I seem to notice. The Pontificate Maximus existed hundreds of years before Jesus was born.

Nazis are coming back. Gee, I wonder why? (clue it has to do with new patches on old wineskins); in this case, Odin, the Germanic god of war images of him looks like Gandalf his day became Christmas. J.R. Tolkien stole the myths and characters from a false god.   Chinese communism is going to take over. I wonder why?

Gold is valuable, Oil is valuable, and human body parts for the rich unbeliever in need are equally valuable.

Blessed are you all that make the first resurrection.

Who did not side with the beast or his image building your own gallows.

You won’t be forced to take the mark or have your organs sold on the market.

Brother Abel.