Not everything that has a Seven in it is good.

Not everything that has a Seven in it is good.

The plant has seven leaves now I originally did this one years ago and on the video, I stayed with Psalm 7:1-17  and the hole along with the holy one had another three flat spots highlighting Psalm 7:8-10.  Doing this new site I took a closer look and counted the stem making 11 parts.  So Psalm 11:1-7  drug dealing is not victimless crime children suffer because of it. Call on the name of the LORD please stop harming the children. Drugs destroy the foundation of a nation.

Want to get high? Soar like an eagle?  Flee as a bird to HIS mountain? Be a skywalker start reading the book of Luke.

Altered states is becoming a worse version of one’s self, a man walks into a bar he is small in stature, most of the time he is meek and pleasant. However, once he gets a few drinks in him he’s 6 feet tall and ready to fight the biggest of guys.

This picture says it all and it wasn’t made by men but by the holy one. He so longs to fill the hole that so many are trying to fill with other things. The word tells us sorcery is how the world will be deceived I’m pretty sure it’s big pharma more than it is the pot growers but either way they are both wrong. One is just a legalized version of the other pushing pills and masking the real problem.

The empty hole.

The great Physician is Jesus just like the first crop circle on this site he comes with many benefits and rewards to those who seek him.

Looking for true peace? Whatever you’re going through, God knows—and cares. Find real hope today.