Opening the Vault for the fight Germ Warfare- Part 3

Opening the Vault for the fight Germ Warfare- Part 3

God made America look as much like his Government as possible through man. Many of my Protestant friends claimed they had Catholic friends, and some kept insisting that they were Christians too. That some Catholics love Christ they would say, I insisted and still do that isn’t the point, we need them all to love Jesus and know the Christ of scripture what a force they would be “Born Again,” Satan has other plans for them which keeps them from being “Born Again”.

Below, these angels are angry at the demons who sit in power now over us in our three branches of Government, and I have a woman in my Church who feels we need more Catholics on the supreme court should the angels of God leave her behind to show her, her handiwork? There is a way that seems right to a man but the way is destruction.  Hell is paved with good intentions.  Daniel read the writing on the wall, and the kingdoms became divided.

Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi went to their education training camps. They never went to a proper spirit-led Bible Study, or they would not sell us out to China and bring terrorists into America. Adolph Hitler was also once their young pupil. Train up a child in the way he should go; the word intended to have them know the word. But the Papist says no we only need to trust in an earthly HOLY FATHER??? Calling Ceasar LORD was wrong in the day but calling him HOLY FATHER is better; how?

Peter was called to the Jews, and Jesus gave him the keys; Paul began the church in Rome; however, the devil comes to steal, kill and destroy, he stole the keys and used them to keep the word away from man locking the doors of heaven and opening the gates of hell using a new priesthood.

Clearly, none of them have met Jesus. If you need proof God is leaving them behind with their supporters just pray over the image above and ask God if he is taking them with HIS Jewish people and true saints that are not given over to helping them by supporting them to destroy America. While aiding them the ecumenists also place stones of stumbling to his children of Abraham both Muslim and Jewish people.

Isaiah 26:20 KJV
(20) Come, my people, enter thou into thy chambers, and shut thy doors about thee: hide thyself as it were for a little moment, until the indignation be overpast.

Isaiah 26:21 KJV
(21) For, behold, the LORD cometh out of his place to punish the inhabitants of the earth for their iniquity: the earth also shall disclose her blood, and shall no more cover her slain.

That’s resurrection people.

How does one go about meeting Jesus? By reading his word the best method established by God himself is the gospel of John with its 21 chapters in nine days you can be through it three times with seven chapters a day. Because they do not know him they have sold us down the river they are the riders of the black horse Biden was illegitimately elected as V.P. when the Church bought the Democratic seat in the Whitehouse in 2008 for 700 billion dollars.

The money is taken from their holdings in the housing markets here in America it went into the Bank of England awaiting the Protestants to retrieve it. To bring about the Peace Plan. We say long live the Queen and God bless the Queen for a reason.

God made it clear to Israel and many protestants who have not betrayed HIM that there is no queen in heaven. Every society that worshiped a false goddess has failed and clearly, it is in violation of God’s standards. Israel is not coming to Christ because of her. That makes them antisemites by choice and her cohorts equally so. You want to complete your new world order and get that temple built it’s going to take a hive mentality to create peace. I need straight arrows, not the ones who skirt around the beast and claim him as one of their own. The image of the beast well let’s look at his original appearance to find his image.

Ezekiel 28:13-16 KJV
(13) Thou hast been in Eden the garden of God; every precious stone was thy covering, the sardius, topaz, and the diamond, the beryl, the onyx, and the jasper, the sapphire, the emerald, and the carbuncle, and gold: the workmanship of thy tabrets and of thy pipes was prepared in thee in the day that thou wast created.
(14) Thou art the anointed cherub that covereth; and I have set thee so: thou wast upon the holy mountain of God; thou hast walked up and down in the midst of the stones of fire.
(15) Thou wast perfect in thy ways from the day that thou wast created, till iniquity was found in thee.
(16) By the multitude of thy merchandise they have filled the midst of thee with violence, and thou hast sinned: therefore I will cast thee as profane out of the mountain of God: and I will destroy thee, O covering cherub, from the midst of the stones of fire.

Does anyone on earth fit that description? Who would of course use the LORD’s name in vain and so would his entourage? Trying to deceive the elect if possible.


China is the red horse the dragon loves the dragon with their billion lost souls who obey their government completely without question. If only God’s people were like that we could win. China is only allowing the Vatican to hold services in their country until they get America completely, then they will turn on them and their followers. The white horse was hobbled by no one seeing the value in what he discovered. I do the crop circles because I realized it is the effigy of Jesus in Egypt and HE blessed me with a lamp that had made them. On the day I said I won, I was asked to pray against what I was given by the man I felt knew more than me and I respected. He had me ask the light to vacate the premises.

To me, it was rejection. That what I found was unworthy for me to find.

I have what I have, because I found what I found, because I am who HE says I am, because HE is who HE is.

I believe the enemy’s statement was he would make the son of God his pet if he ever showed ho, ho, ho. Sadly something so simple was constantly making me angry at the ignorance of many who fail to see it, my anger caused my failure to hear God on many matters. Such as the image below where I refer to the demons as vermin when it is clearly a warning against germ warfare.



I missed interpreting it just like the many errors found in the NASB that hides God’s enemy from our view to the demon’s there are no errors. Errors are placed there by the Lord of the Ring who when wearing it, he is made invisible.

Missing from the NASB are important points to the understanding of how to defeat our adversary are the words replenish and daily my enemies swallow me up and the first place you find respect in the bible is no longer there. The new translation came out at the same time Watergate was taking place and Henry Kissinger opened trade with China he was Nixon’s Secretary of State. The reason why Nixon was so paranoid of the democratic party is he was aware that some were in on the assassination of Kennedy, these people are Ruthless in taking over America for their new world order where we don’t get a say.

They needed their peace plan but they will not come for me to get it. Will they step aside, if we do it right?

Because if I was lifted up I would point to who was doing it for me and all those lost individuals will check out the handiwork of God done in England the Protestant Capital of the world. The word would be opened to them but the apostates do not want that because of their connection to Rome.

It is the equivalent of casting your nets on the other side.

The devils placed the Sphynx there, and that is why the descendants of Abraham were made slaves in Egypt for four hundred years. I delayed sending a book to England explaining the crop circles to her Majesty and that God wanted to have rehearsals for the bride of Christ.

I’m fallible because I am made from dust as well. Provoked anger happens to us all, having it causes us to miss things like germ warfare, either way, demons or germ warfare the only way into heaven for any of us is through Jesus.

I expected others to rejoice over the goodness of God to open the word to the world that Satan keeps hidden from them; instead, I was overwhelmed by the rejection of the crop images when you can see that Jesus is behind them.

HE said HE would restore my relationship with my beloved and in turn, I would restore HIS relationship to Israel. Have I failed my mission because I stand strong against the gifts that make men stand with God’s enemies?

The initials in my name HE placed there B.A.B.E.L represents confusion from Genesis 10:10 but they had not received that name until Genesis 11:9 which is the opposite of 9/11 in more ways than one. If you remove the first “B” the confusion is gone. Daniel 8:12.


With those initials, confusing me wasn’t hard??? However, God is not the author of confusion, so I guess having idols and stealing nations and murdering followers of Christ is OK to do as long as their leadership is for pro-life? To kill the beast one must cut off its head, slaying the dragon should be a group effort, if part of the group protects him, are they not going to be in the beheaded column when left behind?

Don’t think that I did not cry constantly over the overwhelming task at hand, God does not call you without equipping us, the rider with the crown gets no arrows???


Growing up in an alcoholic home with a vicious woman is a hard thing, after being saved at the age of 23 I began to share with her and she kept saying she was Catholic and was going to die a Catholic. I insisted that she needed to know Jesus. She would fight me off and hold me back at arm’s length or would punch me saying leave me alone, I’m a Catholic, I will die a Catholic. She spent 12 years in one of their orphanages she went in at four years old and never knew the joy or peace of Jesus. If you ever get a chance to have a cafeteria-style meal with some retired nuns in their housing like the one found in Windham NH you will be hard-pressed to find any joy.

My son and I did once we had a relative whose aunt was a Nun and asked if we would like to join my stepfather in the visit. My son pointed it out to me and asked me why do they seem so despondent, to which I replied if you spend all your life serving whom you think is God and never meet HIM you would understand why they have no joy, and sadly that may even be their eternity.

It took some time but pretty soon my stepmother Lucille came around and looked forward to the hugs I brought her.

While counseling by myself after I was separated from my Christian wife I learned that I reject before being rejected knowing that rejection is going to come it always has in my life. So subconsciously I make the first move, I do not reject Jesus I am dismissive of the ones who are double-minded ecumenicalism.

I was not prepared to get the response I was getting to the call. All of it was rejection and from the people claiming to love Jesus who saw no value in what it is I discovered. God thought it was the best discovery of the ages but why doesn’t his church? I know it isn’t really me they are rejecting it is the message, the truth.

Follow along, Abel first casualty, Babel’s first kingdom after the flood, then the first man to see the truth in Egypt. Benjamin finds himself in Egypt and the whole truth is revealed and men of God rejoice in the truth.

Is God divided against himself? Why tell me to take the money they had been saving for HIS return and give it to HIS Church to begin celebrating telling me HE could make more gold when he gets back if they are already HIS Church?

Then many wanted me to be other people and were saying it in not so many words, we don’t like you or want you.

So you don’t have people in your life who need to know Jesus, Praise God!

Benjamin is the tribe Saul / Paul came from and one person does two roles.

One church gathered their elders against me, I went back a year or so later the church had many new faces and boys in wheelchairs, I was thinking do they expect me to heal them?? I cannot heal only God can heal and that is based on the faith we have in HIM, don’t put your faith in me. As for trust, well if I began calling Ceaser LORD because the state asked me to or be martyred I would opt for the martyring, don’t trust me if I call Ceaser LORD. It’s wrong to call Ceaser LORD we can now address him as HOLY FATHER that makes it so much better???

If I am afraid of those who can kill the body, why then do I expose them?

Two church leaders almost 90 days apart said the same thing to me word for word “Does God need money for Revival?” No not at all, no more than he needed the covering with all those fancy stones. I believe the statement was that his SON has value to their community! That looking upon the most high God would surely bring death and so they insisted on seeing the most high which we know today is the SON of man.

Look at all the death it brought.

I find it so pre angelic rebellion how one free will being can ruin a great thing for so many others. Surrounding me with people who misrepresent scripture in several areas wasn’t helping not when my vow to God was that I would defend HIS word. I feel I am becoming like most of the American politicians who swear an oath to defend the constitution and do not. Joe Biden as V.P. got in unconstitutionally behind the health care socialist Obama a false messiah for Islam trying to bring peace. The Republicans sold the Whitehouse in 2008 and they placed the Jesuit educated Trump with a V.P. claiming to be a reformed Catholic? What is that, if not Catholic?

Catholic means universal, well let’s talk about universal destruction because that’s what they bring to the party.

Let me explain how the elect cannot be deceived. I have hidden HIS word in my heart so I would not sin against HIM. Father if you’re going to lift me like you said you would I am trusting you to open the eyes of the living saints that get it.

No one but I seen the 700 billion dollars buy into America’s highest office and they were foolish enough to give it to devils and think they are ever getting it back?

You give something to the devil it’s a black hole you are never getting it back!

The vault is surrounded by churches and if you want the vault open I need to get a microphone in my hands to start a revival, one almost began in Salem NH 12 years ago but I may have been a little zealous and the microphone was snatched from my hands. But the door did open after I answered it!

I came to bring hope and lift up what I know is the effigy of God’s son but it took the congregation and the cheap shots that came from them to place me in this predicament I am in, is it too late?

Not if I can find a few real straight arrows who understand Psalm 14:2 because the Whitehorse was sent without any? They need to know the light does not bow to the jewelry nor should it. If the light did bow to the darkness it wouldn’t be light. How will that help those who steal kill and destroy and have been deceived by the devil to repent? How will that not confuse the others, who need Jesus they need to know what side of the boat to swim on to get into the net.

I can only be on one side I cannot be both for one honor’s God and HIS word better and much more honorably than the other.

After reformation came counter-reformation and the attempt to draw us back into the corruption they began to spin doctrines to make them look legit and one of them was Preterism.

We can now see clearly what is coming and who is behind it and England is not the problem.

But an A for effort, one man whom so many love said to me well when I see the fruit of the crop circles I will follow, I was not looking for followers, I am one myself. I was looking for leaders who would lead others to Christ. The wicked hellish church locked the gates of heaven and left the gates to hell wide open for the demons to find their targets. A Church that I might add he defends and protects, they hid the word, manipulated the word, and spun it to make you think they are needed 1 Peter 2:8-9. Even one of his deacon friends stated he did not have a problem with Catholics and right away the Spirit says to me he will when he is left behind with them. Once people start becoming “Born Again” they flee it, so it is not in their interest for people to become “Born Again” it’s in their interest to make apostates.

Do not fear those who can kill the body fear HIM who can kill both body and soul and throw one into hell. It was a great message I heard this past Sunday every bit of it was spot on, this man needs to be sent to the top so the world can hear HIM Only trouble is, gee whiz he’s playing both sides and doesn’t see the trouble coming his way. Visit the future look at the dragon coming are you equipped to handle him without me?

Abel’s life was taken from him by another dragon who made this dragon his special love interest, Abel could not crush the head of the serpent not without Jesus and HIS non-apostate Church wherever they are.

Don’t let her fool you, she will kill us all.

Don’t those angels in chains make you curious as to why them? Maybe they refused to aid the light-bearer and keep him on point. They may have let him recruit followers unto himself. My problem seems to be the opposite and the apostates are there to help keep the word hidden by siding with those who have mastered hiding the word and condemning souls to hell.

The light, our light if you have any should be shining on Jesus and the truth. You run the risk of being left behind to offend God and HIS angels. So we are clear the angels are like the Jewish people keeping the law awaiting their messiah as the angels waited for the SON.

You stand with the offenders you will be left with the offenders. Stand with those who would defend the constitution of the United States and the word of God for without it there is no constitution there is no America to get it back it would take an American citizen with a position of Royalty.