She NY UN America Before Communism

She NY UN America Before Communism

If I compound the word Cat and Holic, a veil falls over one’s eyes like the veil that remains over the nation of Israel; when the law of Moses is read, they need to know the lamb has been slain and who that lamb is and one Church calling itself Christian out of them all denies the lamb even ever came and that HE was the SON of God if they believed it they would honor HIS teachings every last one of them.

Cats are cute; they make us laugh and fill our hearts with love for them; and I can talk to you about Cats all day long, and we can even conversate over addictions and how one can be set free from them, such as workaholics,  alcoholics, and even sexaholics things that take and destroy our souls, but when I compound the two we don’t talk at all, sort of like politics.  The democrats truly disappoint me. The only thing they got right was their mascot.

Daniel 8:12, Psalm 56:1-2 every day they sacrifice the same sacrifice, and they even admit it! We partake of the bread and the wine to remember what HE has done for us. The Holy Spirit constantly reminds us of the new life promised to us in heaven and with HIM.

Many of us have noticed this pattern of one Church attacking another, (they will know we are Christians by the way we attack each other???)so it was with the Greek Orthodox with the uprising of the Bolshevik revolution, all in an attempt to make one Church more powerful than the other. Hence, they incited the people to rise against the Greek Orthodox Christian Czars, who lived way beyond their means not as God intended. God gives wealth to many to aid those less fortunate the Czars are buying luxury and not honoring the teaching of Christ that states, sell all that you have and follow me.

The dragon set an uprising among them using his parishioners.

Clothes make the man, take off the holy garb and put on civies whose going to know?

It’s not like we haven’t seen it before.

Screams where was the JUSTICE!!!!!

I would hate to be burdened with wealth and power like the Czars of Russia were; that’s why we have the church and the commission given to me by the LORD “take what they have saved for me and give it to my church to start celebrating. I can make more gold when I get back.” WHAT????? He can make more gold when HE gets back,  amazing simply amazing.

I was taken back by this new revelation from God. HE can make more gold when HE returns, so why are they saving it? And who for,  if HE can make more of it when HE gets back??

The church that took the Orthodoxy out of Russia by inciting the revolution left the void for Communism to take over.   This is a Church of liars whom one cannot trust,  especially the saints; their methods are to steal, kill, and destroy any Christian faith that is not of theirs.  The dragon never has enough he has used the priesthood for years to get it all for him.  Jesus ended the purpose of the priesthood, should anyone ask. Safe to say their rock is not like our ROCK.  Communism comes as a result of their doings. Need proof? China is poised to take America because they meddled in China’s civil war, taking gold from the one who stood for democracy and supporting the one who stood for communism. Alex Jones has gone on about this topic in many of his last-day videos.  If the gates of hell will not prevail against the Church, how does this wickedness, “the denial of God” godlessness, totally come about?”

Communism denies God, like a bad salesman the devil puts his church’s foot in the door and blows smoke in everyone’s face sad is that the leadership of Church never even sees their destruction coming.

A system that targets Christians, one that allows the persecution of believers without prejudice to the denomination they belong to,  one where people do as the state dictates to them? Believers know that Satan wants his people at the top of the hill in slave-making positions. It has been his modus operandi from the beginning. Everyone who follows his system eventually becomes a slave to it.  Sin is an example of this bondage. Many are held in chains, caught in what seems to be a never-ending cycle, and only Jesus and hearing HIS word can set them free.

Repetitious behavior breeds insanity,  thinking things will get better, and they never do because of the dead men running the show. The results have spoken. Insanity is the daily sacrifice or any other sacrifice made after Christ, which is done on a mock altar.  How foolish that works do not inspire the freedom to serve in love as lost souls never get to read the full love story finding themselves in it.  Yes, God died for fools.

His word warns us not to call anyone Racca, which translates into a good for nothing. Jesus said to do so that they will stand before the council and be in danger of their decision, for everyone has a value and a purpose. Christ died to make us more than what we are. To call a man a fool, HE states that a man who does so is in danger of hellfire.

I was called a dirtbag by a Reverand in the AG church who, in my presence, put down the significance of Genesis 15:17, one of the seven lamps I believed I had encountered that made the crop circles.  I discerned he wanted me to start moving in the spirit after slamming the word?!? Really?  Do you know why Lucifer was covered with all those precious stones???  That was the same week he said they had a new spelling for dirtbag and proceeded to spell my last name. I replied kindly that it means a beautiful place in the French and that my last name was DIVINELY assigned to me; he didn’t care; I did not take the cue to start moving. It was the devil giving the cue as far as I could tell.   God uses the same man, a watchman of Ezekiel 33, to warn and then uses him again to be the carrier of HIS wrath, isn’t that God isn’t that wisdom? Saul became Paul and was from the tribe of duplicity Benjamin with a Mazzaroth sign of Gemeni.

In the same AG church, a Pastor whom I love proclaimed his disappointment while using a translation riddled with errors that hide his enemies from him. But he is the one disappointed?? Really???  He mocked King James in the process. This is outright Nazi Germany all over again; the off switch for me was when he said he knew human Psychology, a system that began in Germany to lay guilt not on one’s self and help them see their need for God but born from hell to blame others, especially mothers.  Meet the founder of modern Psychology; he made our appointed times list Wilhelm Maximilian Wundt; his life points to proverbs.

The devil has his puppets who support what they believe is the “Word of God”  through a religious pious system that Jesus himself warned us about in Matthew 23.  I am a crusader for truth and gravitated to the writings of many reformed priests who were in the center of the devil’s den.  Alberto (former Jesuit Priest) was just such a man he was introduced to me by my best friend and one who played a major role in the direction I took. Sadly he was taken from us 37 days after 9/11/01 at the age of 43 (7). God opened my eyes recently to Psalm 37:1-4. It is confirmation for me. That this man knew who are enemies are and they sit in among us and we don’t love them enough to tell them the truth.

They have chosen their HOLY FATHER! Yet how many Holy Fathers are there in Heaven?

What is a confirmation for you to be able to trust me? Is it submitting to those who have already chosen the HOLY Father they wish to stand with on judgment day, the one who destroyed our America? How will heaven be safe again with the same wicked demons that caused this, shaping your will to reject the truth? They want to hitch a ride in a raptured saint, but the watchers know, and the angels leave behind the ones who see no value in Jesus.

I am alarmed at how many follow the one with all the outward adornments. It reminds me of a rebellion that took place in heaven in which Father took away his stones and cast him outside of heaven, making his domain hell because he was separated from God.

Jesus cursed a fig tree, and it withered and died, he could have very well-spoken life into it, and it would have flourished. For a man to do that, he would have to be in a place where he would be able to listen.

Are we there yet?

They that bear no fruit or even those who give comfort to those who do not bear fruit are possibly the root cause that the others bear no fruit.

All life was created to have a relationship with God; its creator to choose otherwise, is not wise.  We need to go to the author of life to have life.

leftbehindMy mentor’s passing 37 days after 9/11 confirms the crop circle with the lines from the twin towers protruding from it.   When America developed the atomic bomb and wiped out two cities in Japan, the bowels of hell were filled with unsaved unregenerated souls unprepared for eternity. The enemy decided he wanted that power and quickly put his church in operation to obtain it.

Sadly 400 years earlier, Japan was introduced to Rome’s brand of Christianity, and it did not flourish (see the movie Silence with Liam Neeson); those poor converts were not allowed to take communion without a priest being present; they were not informed properly of what 1 Peter 2:9 tells us and reveals to us. The movie concludes with Jesuits sitting at the docks of Japan, identifying Christian objects coming off the ships, which became prohibited by Japanese leadership.  So is it any wonder they were brutal to China when WWII started? Without the word written upon the tablets of men’s hearts, which can only be placed there by the desire to know Jesus more. The word of God is not up to private interpretation; it is a love story written to us all.

There is a character in the Bible that you can identify with.

The angels we are told are leaving behind the workers of iniquity. First, many need to see the difference between a nation that honors God from nations that do not, those who destroyed America aided in its downfall would do the same to heaven, and no no-one is coming into the kingdom even if they are pro-life.

That is not what opens the door to heaven for any of us.  Jesus is still the only way, and not one jot or tittle shall pass from the law until all is accomplished.  If you save a child’s life, that is great; I was adopted, I encourage it, there will come a time in our world when all will be Christian, and our weapons of war will be turned into farming instruments. Until then, will you be there to save their soul or direct them to become twice the son of hell by pointing them to the church that denies the finished work of Christ?

They protected the child from abortion but can they protect them from hell? Jesus said it would be better that one was not with a child on the day of judgment. I would love to hear the testimonies of the saved and rescued and hear of their intercessors involved in that child’s life.

Do you side with the church that denies the finished work of Christ? Do you speak well of a church whose primary purpose was to hide the word of God from the world and change its meanings?  The gates of hell are opened to allow demons to roam freely because many have not read the word of God. Because of this major flaw, they must control the word to control the world. This control has birthed false apostles, false teachers, and false priests who added Jesus to their plethora of gods. God tells us he will not share HIS glory with any other. The harlot’s first blunder and offspring came nearly 310 years after Constantine declared Christianity as the state religion. You can’t beat them,  join them, infiltrate, take charge, turn the heat back up again, and keep the word under control.

John Paul would never have to have kissed the Koran had his Church first opened the word of God to those people as God intended it to be.

You are to have only one mediator between you and God. HIS name is Jesus Christ, who is God in the flesh and walked with us to teach us how to get into heaven, and it is only through HIM HE is our only mediator.

That is why my business cards are better than the box.  People must go into the box to confess their sins; when they come out, nothing has changed because the word was never placed into their hearts. They fear the church and not the God the church claims to serve. The light is to shine on no other than Jesus Christ, and so many want it shining on them; they want the best seats and be called father. Though they had no dealings with the one, they want calling them fathers like they are the ones who saved that individual’s soul??? They will let you live for the devil and proclaim to be able to give you last rites??? So one’s will is changed with the giving of last rites??? God hates sin, so get that indulgence card punched before anyone leaves.

The spots on a leopard do not change, and a shark must kill to survive. No one is giving tithes that can sustain their size, but they flourish with returns on investments made by their banker, the Rothchilds, who invest in both sides of a war and profit from our overtaxed lives; this is not good stewardship. It is being drunk on the blood of our children.

I’m not the person denying the value of the SON of God’s Honor or trying to play it down! I’m not hiding my talent if each site generates 4000 to 6000 people a week. I do not need to be another voice on youtube where we show the world we are Christians by our love???

We need to join together to lift Jesus the way HE wants. That is to lift the effigy that brought the original curse of death on the earth because Lucifer and his minions who fell once fell again during their Egyptian construction project before it was called Egypt.  When God wiped out the dinosaurs, the fallen angels fell again, dragging themselves off to die. The enemy made the pieces that would become the symbols of the battle, and I stand with the LION, and HE doesn’t belong in the dirt; what say you?

Are we waiting for China to take America, or will we do this thing now? We’re losing too many saints to the harlot, and I will not curse at those already cursed. Father, I pray they open their eyes and see what you have shown me. Christ would indeed embrace his enemies to set others free.  Psalm 23:5 thank you, Jesus, but why are so many in your Church? Jude 1:14-25 gives us clues to who they are.

From Russia to China to America,  Communism comes.  They built their own trap and gallows and painted themselves into the corner; need help?  Love too!  You need to ask.