The Golden Buzzer of God

The Golden Buzzer of God

I do not follow the hit series America’s Got Talent; my exposure is from what I have watched on Youtube. I must say how blessed we are to have so many people with such great gifts and how wonderful it would be if Jesus were at the center of it all. We know that God can use anyone or anything to bring glory to HIMSELF, even the atheist. When the atheist admires any part of creation, he is, in a way, admiring God’s handiwork, even though their words do not confirm it. Who does an Athiest thank when things go well, or an accident is avoided?

One of my favorite contestants of all time was in season 12,  Darci Lynne Farmer, a 12-year-old girl who had practiced ventriloquism for only two years to obtain her talent and come out of her shyness. Remarkable how her career grew exponentially. Her emotions at the Golden Buzzer came from her heart, and we were all happy and moved for her. When it comes to Children, the angels have their back, and they will see justice done.

Unlike the 11-year-old staged professional performer, they claim to have found in the audience during the break-in season 17. Madison Taylor Baez was acting and performing at the age of nine and appeared in many name-brand commercials, so why did she not tell the panel she was a professional at the beginning?  Was it a deception done to us all?  Just because you can sing the National Anthem at all those sporting events, one can still end up in the 27 club. A club made up of performers and artists who died before finding Jesus because they sold out to the world.

Their music and message were not glorifying God or HIS SON but an insult to the laws of God.

Hard for the world to see those in the 27 club being considered wicked by God when they cannot discern what is good from evil. The Church is there to teach the world what the difference is. First, the Church has to know itself. His love for Israel and the Jewish people is KEY.  God knew their end from their beginning Proverbs 10:27. Why allow them to continue to poison their generation?  Easier to make examples of them, revealing that when you contract with the devil, he will make you famous and your name memorable though the eternal reward is constant weeping and gnashing of teeth.

The good news is that the contract can be broken by surrendering to Jesus if the demon within allows you to see the truth, fight for your soul, and care about eternity!

What good is all that talent when America fails again financially, and this time with China’s money in American loans?

The party will be officially over.

What good are all these crop images when no one gets to see them? Many of the churches I have attended have placed the beast’s people in leadership positions who hold influence over the body to push me into submission to that false religious system hell-bent on destroying the world by hiding the word from the lost and controlling the narrative. That is why I have no welcomes to open the truth.

Keeping me silent, thinking the Antichrist will attack them, not if God calls him to be the watchman first.   Ezekiel 33:6. PRAISE GOD for technology and the internet to spread the good news that Jesus Christ is coming because they won’t honor the call because they being spiritual, don’t understand it.

They look to the top for the grand military leader known as the Antichrist. Who is not coming because I have friends in Christ who already worship the image of the beast? He has recovered himself with all those precious stones and placed his followers in positions of power. They do not want me to give it away that they have bowed.  What kind of friend would I be if I didn’t point it out? I was recently reminded that they are spiritual and cannot be deceived?

Did you know the mascot for Portugal is two green dragons? It raised a red flag for me. I’m sure the man loves Jesus but to expose the whole truth takes convincing if you are one of his people, you must come out of her.

The mascot for Italy is the wolf, and Rome fights under the eagle’s banner. America made the Bald Eagle their mascot, the spiritual magnet that attracted them here to corrupt its true meaning.

Trying to build the temple without truth can never happen. God cannot bless idolaters and those who rewrote his commandments and published new translations that corrupt HIS message; that’s not the full gospel; that’s a fool’s gospel.

People deceived by it are not wise. I was deceived, thinking people in my life loved Jesus and understood HIS worth, only to be compelled to embrace the antisemitic Church who removed the second commandment just as they have. I love my friends and wouldn’t want them to be in trouble with God. I wish they felt the same way.  When leadership defends Jezebel’s religious system that causes the elect of God, “the Jews,” to remain deceived and blinded from seeing HIM in Christ, those individuals are not friends of God when they are giving comfort to HIS enemy.

Psalm 56:1-2

This system has planned to destroy Jewish people and Protestants again!!!

Knowing and hearing how God is in control, I prayed that the eyes of the blind would be opened, and those who would hear would ask me to speak as I am just a truck driver. The devil knows if he keeps that microphone away and continues to provide small blessings, the world will remain his oyster which makes me the irritant that causes the pearl?

The crop circles are there to open the word and lead others lost to Christ while giving believers hope, just as Abel gave hope to the angels that the SON is coming. So why shouldn’t the first casualty be the last casualty and bring hope?

Two bands bind each arm of the star for 10.  The bullseye is the target for twelve raised sections— Psalm 12:1-8. Actors lay claim to their tongue Psalm 12:4 while willing to play antichristian parts. Hooray for Hollywood is the devil’s favorite song. God’s favorite words are Psalm 12:6-7. Why is America the way it is? Psalm 12:8.

Many stars and famous people started in Church or Church Choirs. Oprah Winfrey and Aretha Franklin are two that got caught up with the world and its ways.  For the sake of pleasing many, they lost their souls in the process.  One of the crop circles I have posted is called a star in bondage. If the enemy promotes his symbol in the face of God, what is he flaunting?

Proverbs 6:16-19 KJV
(16)  These six things doth the LORD hate: yea, seven are an abomination unto him:
(17)  A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood,
(18)  An heart that deviseth wicked imaginations, feet that be swift in running to mischief,
(That describes Hollywood)
(19)  A false witness that speaketh lies, and he that soweth discord among brethren.

Proverbs 12 would also be a great follow-up to this Hollywood star crop circle.

Tolkien was not “Born Again”; his holy father was visible, and he had many intermediates, and sadly not the one who mattered the most.

Exposing darkness is not sowing discord; it’s showing love.

Tolkien may have professed Christ but knowing HIM, he did not; he was trapped by the pomp and pageantry of a religious system that broke the second commandment; supporting them or compromising such arrogance is not the Christ thing to do. They restored a priesthood that God purposely ended in 70 AD.

I have a muse greater than Tolkien ever had. HE is the one who placed all the crop circles whose reeds were not broken. Better than Noah, I have them and Nazis and the dragon China to help me fill the boat my muse is the spirit of Abel.

Are you going or staying? Only your mouth and heart can tell you.

One leader tells me he can tell Tolkien is a Christian by his writings??? And my crop circles make me the Antichrist??? Can they not just make me the watchman who can read the signs.  The Antichrist can come after the watchman has sounded the trumpet?

JESUS said the following, so deal with it. “He that breaks the least of the commandments will be called least in the kingdom, and who keeps them and teaches others to keep them will be called greatest.”

Matthew 5:19 KJV
(19)  Whosoever therefore shall break one of these least commandments, and shall teach men so, he shall be called the least in the kingdom of heaven: but whosoever shall do and teach them, the same shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven.

They did not break the least they broke the greatest, and look how many hail them as leaders in our world? It truly is Satan’s world if God doesn’t give it to another.

To keep the commandments, you must be “Born Again” to receive God’s golden buzzer. Die to yourself by acknowledging that your sin keeps you from God’s kingdom and blessings.  To live for Christ, make a confession of faith, and do Baptism afterward in front of witnesses to not be Baptized once you believe denies the faith you claim.

To those who overcome will sit and reign with Him on HIS throne Revelation 3:21; the key is we must be overcomers.  Compromising the word is not overcoming Satan’s lies; it’s siding with them. Pro-life is not proof of salvation and is not a doctrine of the Church. If the individual is “Born Again,” the spirit will open their eyes concerning the matter.

What seems more efficient, picketing a clinic that performs abortions or inviting the young women in the community to trust in the LORD for their mate?

Trust me, the violent do not enter into heaven, nor is there any place in heaven for violence.

“Until now”, means finality.

The angels behold the face of children and, like humankind, love a good romance; they are just as excited when a family gets the news they are going to have a child.  Christians have the greatest love stories because they know the story’s author; if you do not,  you can. I know HE has a story made special for you.

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The people claiming to be the church destroy families, steal, and traffic their children for perversion,  groomed to insulate them; these children do not know what a Christian is because they have never met nor read God’s word. Documentaries like “We Were Children” were about children forced to leave their families and be schooled for twelve years under their cruel tutelage.  Canadian Mounties and the Government of Canada loyal to the Queen??? Aided them like it was the hand of God involved, and it was not. God and Jesus love Children. They would not have taken them from their tribal families.  Who in these stories are the real savages?

18 raised sections for Matthew 18:1-14

The Indians of Canada were peaceful, and a Bible study would have changed them to know the great spirit. We understand how Satan loves getting his hands on children, harming them so that they will reject God, and what better way than with a priesthood claiming to know God? A priesthood intended to be vanquished upon the final sacrifice, and lo and behold, it was in 70 AD. Satan had to bring it back in 330 AD to build his one world order.

The movie Philomena is about Irish mothers in Ireland who had their children taken from them and sold to American Catholic families. The idea was to use them to aid in the destruction of Protestant America (you cant protect the kingdom if you do not know the word). That includes America, once our slice of heaven. Children were sold for upwards of $7000.00 1959 dollars or $70,311.oo today. It’s better than tithes or trusting in God. Pregnant, unmarried teenagers were not well-regarded in Philomena Lee’s 1950’s Irish Catholic community in England. Forced to give her son up for adoption in the United States, Philomena was also made to sign a contract forbidding her from any inquiry into his whereabouts. Years later, after starting a family in England and for the most part, moving on with her life, Lee meets Sixsmith a BBC reporter with whom she decides to journey to America to finally discover her long-lost son. Based on the 2009 investigative book by BBC correspondent Martin Sixsmith, “The Lost Child of Philomena Lee,” PHILOMENA takes you along on that emotional trip.

The movie “Spotlight” is about a team of investigative journalists in Boston who shocks the city and the world by exposing the Catholic Church’s systematic cover-up of widespread child molestation perpetrated by more than 70 local priests. This was only Boston.

Hillary and President Bill Clinton greet the Pope at the Sacred Heart Cathedral in Newark New Jersey.

Arkansas, home of Bill Clinton and his lawyer wife, may have had a few as well in their state.  They sold their soul and got what they got, we could have helped them find Jesus, who is not a supporter of anything Catholic.

Can you imagine God wanting to stifle the truth and pay victims off with his money pretending it never happened?

Odd how WTC 7, which housed the FBI files on the situation, collapsed on 9/11. The Boston Globe held the story as they rushed to cover the 9/11 tragedy.   In reality, it was the same ongoing story; the people who tried to blow up Parliament in 1605 succeeded with WTC7, all to remove our American freedoms from us and cover up their sin.

During the Clinton Administration, the Trade Centers were being renovated as they moved one firm to vacate a floor and did it several times.  The excuse was updates to infrastructure.

Had they succeeded in 1605, we would have never had a KJV of the Bible for men of God to snicker at, and we would all be Catholic whether we wanted to be or not and just as lost as the day we were born.

God wants to push the golden buzzer on you; to do that, HE wants to see Jesus in you and you in HIM.

We can truly help him with the New World Order.

You may not get the power to knock people over who oddly get up and protect the Jezebel like Church, but not to worry, there is a verse for that as well.

Psalms 20:7-8 KJV
(7)  Some trust in chariots, and some in horses: but we will remember the name of the LORD our God.
(8)  They are brought down and fallen: but we are risen, and stand upright.

Get on the path of God’s golden buzzer.