The Magic Box vs the Card Trick

The Magic Box vs the Card Trick

When Daniel was in Babylon he was well respected and his prophecies recorded along with his visions.  Educating what we discover later as the Magi (we get our word Magic from) who understanding the prophecies followed the star to Bethlehem that led them to Christ the MOST HIGH GOD! Who was birthed in a manger to identify with every human being.  He gave up his riches and glories of heaven to be here to show God’s love to you.

I am not Jesus,  nor do I ever wish to be,  but I know a bad trick when I see it.

Usually when a Magician takes to the stage with his magic box the person who enters it,  is either vanished or transformed.  The box I am befuddled by is the one where a person goes in and comes out the same as he went in nothing happened,  and here is why.

Jesus will not allow another God before HIM. We have one God REVEALED in 3 Persons Psalm 131:1-3  which take note only has three verses so you know, I know, what I am talking about. Unfortunately, the priesthood that Jesus ended after being the final sacrifice came back and reinstated a mock sacrifice,  had our technology been around back then, the enemy may have settled for TiVo but sadly it was not, However,  we would have blown ourselves up sooner had it been around.

That one special moment in his life he thought he had won had to be played over and over again, his remote, ignorant religious nonsense. Sacrificing Christ over and over is nonsense it makes no sense. He broke the bread and passed the cup saying as often as you DO THIS in remembrance of me until I return.  Psalm 56:1- KJV reveals something the devils translations do not Psalm 56:1-2 NASB.   Christ need only have died once for all.  Sadly people like Joe Biden and Nacy Pelosi do not know that Jesus and thus they are victims of a bad trick that steals away the souls of men for the fires of hell.  They will tell you they received Christ in their priest’s delusional re sacrifice but it is one devil delighting in another devil’s work. If Christ is not in you then you have no defenses against the powers of darkness. If a mock or lesser rock is the one you placed your hope into then asking the same question Jesus asked may be helpful “if darkness be in you how great is that darkness?”

What do you think this Catholic man is saying to the Protestant Governor of Florida Jeb Bush that would make him look this squeamish.

Historically you remember what kind of people they are from the Colessiums of Rome to the turning the heat down to bringing it back to a rapid boil in the inquisitions. Hitler underwent the same education and training by the same Church so did I but I can see the truth because of the new birth experience.  I see how God allowed the enemy of ours souls to adorn himself with the stones he lost.

In Egypt he had his priests turn staffs into snakes God’s staff ate up the other snakes God let me be your staff!

Now he has his minions throwing people around?? Granted the first clip may have been hoaxed but you see no line tied to her,  the second one is similar however it reveals there is a spirit on the premises,  it cannot be a deceased relative of anyone for it is given for us once to die and then the judgment,  it is the fallen angels with no place to go.  I know what you may be thinking?  So how do you judge Abel? What law did he break and Jesus himself called Abel righteous meaning the blood had to be applied.

As for the light well, that has set value! The purpose for the covering of precious stones to begin with.   Never finding Christ makes one a child of hell.  They are lost groping in the darkness trying to find meaning,   to destroy America, and to help them destroy America as the ecumenical crowd has done by not standing on the word of God. Is evident that heaven would come under attack by the same vicious spirits that were thrown out. Meaning no one is learning anything and the magic trick is just that. No treat just a trick like we protestants have always said, hocus pocus, dominocus.

The revelation reveals the beheading of the saints, which could be avoided if they would just be ready for the rapture.

So many gifts so little discernment, but look Benny Hinn and Kenneth Copeland said you were gods so solve the problem 20 plus 22 adds to 42, and does anyone know what happened in 1942?

My Card Trick does something that the failed magic box can never do, open the word of God up to those who are lost so that God can convict their hearts to repentance so that they can understand the value of the SON and the blood HE shed and be cleansed by it.

Looking for true peace? Whatever you’re going through, God knows—and cares. Find real hope today.