New Faster Responsive Mobile Friendly Crop Images only Websites click the name to be taken to the site leave the names at coffee shops wherever you are and let curiosity spread the word.
If it wins those you love is it not? The greatest in the kingdom is to be the server of all. Not to be made a slave to the cookie monsters of the world.
The following are Slower Member sites for organizers and team building over the globe. Relatable to similar callings to aid in preparation. If you want to subscribe do so, you don’t have to, it’s all a free will experience. HIS will or ours?
Heaven is filled only with those who do HIS will…duh! FYI… HIS will is that none perish but ALL come to repentance and give their lives to HIS ONLY BEGOTTEN SON Jesus Christ.
Time is running out the dragon and his followers have the Whitehouse. They will drop a bomb as it is prophesied in Damascus. Let’s not wait until then to get our hives in order to take in the smoked bees. It may be the only fire that falls if we do not get this word out to the people. Stop waiting for any other signs this may be it. I do not want superpowers I want JESUS!!!