Transgender and the art of Confusion

Transgender and the art of Confusion

My initials are B. A. B. E. L., and when it comes to the confusion, I know it all too well.    Let us drop the first B and talk about eternity.

When we first find Abel in the Bible, his offering is respected. God was pleased that someone got it and understood the value of the sacrifice.

Church, the Transgender and LBGTQ people, must be loved, not just tolerated; this is an issue that must be addressed before rapture because of their numbers. The culture reveals the Church has failed its mission. They need to know whether their partner truly loves them or not when they are faced with taking the mark or going into heaven where there is no suffering.

The righteous half stands up against a priesthood that adds and subtracts from God’s word who has created this system by their unnatural affection to staying single and harming children. How can one believe in a loving, compassionate God when they are taught from birth that God is a punishing God or have never understood the word?

There is only one HOLY FATHER; if you are following either of the two-man has conjured up, then the devil has conned, or should that be Constantine’d you. The fruit should be they do not hide the word or place obstacles in the path of Abraham’s descendants, whether they are called icons or statues. If we need outside ourselves reminders other than the LORD’s Supper, then it could be there is more darkness in us than we care to admit.

We are coming close to the Exodus, and the firstborn sons should be carefully observed as it signifies the Exodus to come.

How is it a truck driver is the world’s greatest threat? Is it because I must transport the faithful Christ’s name from the ground up?

Choosing to stand on a rock that doesn’t move, and yet is it HE who is keeping the effigy of the SON hidden from us in Egypt, a sin placed before man came made in front of the angels?  His Church fulfilling the devil’s mockery of making the SON of God their tool?

When I know the truth, the devil tries hard to make me conform to a lie.

The featured image was the only one that was caught on camera “sort of” being made by God; the photographer ran out of film in the camera he was using to watch the field, and when he changed it and turned it back on, it was done, created supernaturally by the hand of God. Witnesses say they saw a flash of light. Bible teaches us that God is the Father of lights. Below is their testimony to what they witnessed.

The ground is contoured and sloped, so God made the circles in a fashion that followed the ground so that when you went up with an ultralight or drone, you would see them as perfect circles.

The male has a torso without smaller circles around it because, in the old and new Testaments, only the men were counted, not the women or the children in case of war. China has more men than women because of the one-child policy birth from the pit of hell.

China is not a go forth, multiply, and honor God’s word kind of people.

The male has eighteen circles on his torso, and in Genesis 18, we find the story of God promising Abraham and Sarah a child before going down to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah.

Jesus waited for Rome to place in roads to start HIS message so that we could cover more ground when we got here with all this technology.

First, let me make it clear that God loves you and hates sin and things that go against HIS natural order. He made us the gender we are. After all, HE knew what would make us the happiest in a relationship with HIM because HE is God.

Whether you are married in a Church or by a State Employee, you fell in love, and there is no law against love. God honors the marriage between a man and a woman, and the angels rejoice, knowing someday they will have a vessel of their own to walk among us or to watch over.

The best practice is to honor a sabbath rest and attend a Church that holds the word of God and the SON of God in the light for others to see and find.

Hell is eternal; it exists because God made it for the devil and his angels, who caused the confusion. Your soul is immortal, and HE sent HIS only begotten SON so that you could escape the lies of this world and overcome the attraction, the addiction, the bondage of drugs and alcohol.  HIS SON gave up the Spirit so that we can be “Born Again” with it in us to help us overcome and grant us power over sin. Somewhere out there, a man is missing his perfect woman, a woman is missing her ideal man, and an angel is missing a child to watch over.

In the new world order, they only pretend it’s about you so they can use you to bring God’s wrath, but when the Church is gone and Islam rises, you will be like all the others on the train to destruction or one who takes the mark and lives only another seven years at best. This will not be like Germany; it will be worse with all the technology; there will be no place to hide.   Like the inquisition, the mark will be a do-or-die matter.  Look how many left the Church and began wearing a mask because unbelievers told them that these same people would most likely take the mark when told to.

Psalm 91 is the cure for COVID-19. If you have given your life to Christ, death should be a welcomed friend.  Make this a chance to share your faith that death is not something to fear and stand firm on the word it shall not come near you!

Jesus is coming back with the saints to finish the battle.  The ones who hated God and the ways of God will be expelled into outer darkness where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth.

Jesus said as much. You may be thinking a loving God would not send anyone to hell; he does not,  that’s a free will choice of the individual who chooses not to seek the truth or develop a relationship with God, and HE wants one with all of us. If there were no hell, heaven would be this, and I don’t like this. So hell is there for those who want to live without CHRIST, whose will is to cause harm to others more than help them.

I hope you can abstain for a few years; the Spirit of God in us helps us, and no one should enter eternity alone.  Find a Godly partner of the opposite sex, and if you are confused about what he made you and I do not think you are, but if it comes into question if you can stand straight up in front of and aim into a toilet and get it in, you are a man. Come to Jesus, who knows what it is to be a man who does not compromise.

I’m trying to get the Catholic Church to add a few more steps into the mass where the priest can help genders to identify. Before they give up the wafer, they place their other hand over a recipient’s head while patting it, saying, good boy or good girl? Well, it helps when you see things from a heavenly perspective.

Make peace with God because the enemy cannot make peace.