Was the night before EXODUS…

Was the night before EXODUS…

And all through the houses, all the firstborns were sleeping,
While the SON of God’s effigy remained in the dirt.
All the children of Israel, with their sufferings and hurt,
Spent four hundred years hiding this sin.
It should be used to reveal the one true God to take lost souls in.

Those who helped him willingly to hide it as well,
They made their abode in a place we call hell.

He wasn’t a friend, not even a brother; he was created
for the congregation of angels to reveal the value of the other.

The angels oohed and awed at his fancy coverings and size.
He was to uncover the truth, but he chose to tell lies.

The lambs sacrificed the blood put on the doors;
All because someone wanted more.

He wanted to create; he wanted power.

To place his angels in leading positions and rule the hour.

Daily, my enemies swallow me up. Many that be against me that swallow me up.

Here on Earth, his image appeared, taking over nations and setting up those who
hate the SON.

They say they love HIM with their lips, but their fruit says otherwise.

They mock all that is holy and say they do not.

The SON’s effigy put in the dirt, all to offend God and deny the SON.

Some of us called on HIS name to cover our shame,
and to those who did, HE gave them the right to be called the children of God.

Others used HIS name to build a one-world order not meant for Jesus but suitable for the one who wanted to be God.

He said he would make the SON of God his pet; no one cares about what I found.
Except for God, that’s why I’m around.

HIS honor has a value that the leadership denies.

Many will be left behind because of the whore.
Jezebel, with her many priests, whispering America is the great Satan
and should be no more.

Heaven on Earth is what it was; those who ruined it
would do the same to heaven; these are the charlatans
these are the leaven.

They pointed their finger, saying he stomped his feet and he slammed the doors.
While they continue to defend those who destroyed their world with made-up prayers, rules, and regulations.

Whose slamming doors?

They want me to bow to this simulation (image).

These people clearly do not know the God of creation.

Those who defend them equally so. It’s rather clear they will not go.

To see what they built and how they learned nothing.

It was the night before Exodus.

In case you have not guessed it, I’m a Protestant whose HOLY FATHER is not visible.

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